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Kyunghun Han (Assoc)

Kyunghun Han is a UMD Postdoctoral Researcher in the Microsystems and Nanotechnology Division. He received a B.S., Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. His doctoral research was focused on chip-scale frequency comb generation with silicon nitride microresonator. He joined Samsung Electronics (Mechatronics R&D center) as a staff engineer where he studied wafer defect optical inspection and optical emission spectroscopy. Kyunghun Han is currently working with Vladimir Aksyuk developing integrated electro-optic modulator.

Selected publications

  1. K. Han, V. Yurlov, and N. E. Yu. "Highly directional waveguide grating antenna for optical phased array." Current applied physics 18.7, 824-828 (2018)
  2. K. Han, S. Kim, J. Wirth, M. Teng, Y. Xuan, B. Niu, and M. Qi, "Strip-slot direct mode coupler," Optics express 24, 6532-6541 (2016).
  3. S. Kim, K. Han, C. Wang, J. Jaramillo-Villegas, X. Xue, C. Bao, Y. Xuan, D. E. Leaird, A. M. Weiner, M. Qi. "Dispersion engineering and frequency comb generation in thin silicon nitride concentric microresonators." Nature communications 8.1, 372 (2017)


Low-power, agile electro-optic frequency comb spectrometer for integrated sensors

Kyunghun Han, David Long, Sean Bresler, Junyeob Song, Yiliang Bao, Benjamin Reschovsky, Kartik Srinivasan, Jason J. Gorman, Vladimir Aksyuk, Thomas W. LeBrun
Sensing platforms based upon photonic integrated circuits have shown considerable promise; however, they require corresponding advancements in integrated
Created February 2, 2022, Updated December 9, 2022