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Boris Epel (Ctr)

Boris is currently a Research Associate Professor at the University of Chicago and laboratory manager of the Center for electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) imaging in vivo physiology. His diploma is in condensed matter physics with specialization in quantum electronics and magnetic resonance spectroscopy. During his PhD, he used electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy to determine relaxation times of rare earth ions in glasses. At the Weizmann institute, his post-doctoral work focused on high-field EPR methodology and instrumentation as well as metalloenzyme structure determination using advanced EPR methodologies. At the University of Chicago, Boris has directed work on the applications of pulsed EPR oxygen imaging, development of rapid scan pH and thiol imaging, and oxygen-guided radiation therapy. His research determines oxygen in vivo dynamics to find optimum correlates between oxygen-related statistics and radiation treatment outcome. This work is possible because EPR spectroscopy can measure oxygen distributions in animals with 1.3 mbar (1 torr) precision. Images with ≈ 1 mm resolution can be obtained in 1 min to 10 min, depending on the sample. Using modern 3D printing techniques and electromagnetic calculation software, he also develops resonance structures for EPR imaging. Boris has published over 100 articles on biological magnetic resonance method and instrumentation development.

Selected Publications

  • Merging Preclinical EPR Tomography with other Imaging Techniques, M. Gonet, B. Epel, H.J. Halpern, et al. Cell Biochem Biophys 77, 187–196 (2019).
  • Modular imaging system: Rapid scan EPR at 800 MHz. O. Tseytlin, P. Guggilapu, A A. Bobko, H AlAhmad, X Xu, B Epel, R O'Connell, E H. Hoblitzell, T D. Eubank, V V. Khramtsov, B Driesschaert, E Kazkaz, M Tseytlin, Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 305, 94-103, (2019)
  • Integration of a Versatile Bridge Concept in a 34 GHz Pulsed/CW EPR Spectrometer, A. Band, M. Donohue, B. Epel, S. Madhu, V. Szalai Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 288 28-36 (2018)
  • Optimization-based image reconstruction from sparsely sampled data in electron paramagnetic resonance imaging, Z. Qiao, Z. Zhang, X. Pan, B. Epel, G. Redler, D. Xia, H.J. Halpern, Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 294, 24-34, (2018)
Created June 19, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022