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Biophysical and Biomedical Measurement Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Michael Zwolak Group Leader michael.zwolak [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Nandita Abhyankar nandita.abhyankar [at] IntlAssoc
Arvind Balijepalli arvind.balijepalli [at] Fed
Swapnil Baral swapnil.baral [at] IntlAssoc
Megan Catterton megan.catterton [at] Assoc
Graylen Chickering graylen.chickering [at] Assoc
Seulki Cho seulki.cho [at] IntlAssoc
Gregory A. Cooksey gregory.cooksey [at] Fed
Ariana Joy DeCastro arianajoy.decastro [at] Assoc
Matthew DiSalvo matthew.disalvo [at] Fed
Nicholas Drachman nicholas.drachman [at] Assoc
Justin Elenewski justin.elenewski [at] Assoc
Boris Epel boris.epel [at] Ctr
Eric Esch frederick.esch [at] Assoc
Mandy Esch mandy.esch [at] Fed
Nicholas Guros Assoc
Alexander Guttenplan alexander.guttenplan [at] Assoc
Eun Jin Lee eunjin.lee [at] Assoc
Satvik Manjigani satvik.manjigani [at] Assoc
Tadas Penkauskas tadas.penkauskas [at] IntlAssoc
Nikita Podobedov nikita.podobedov [at] Assoc
Darwin Reyes-Hernandez darwin.reyes [at] Fed
Joseph Robertson joey.robertson [at] Fed
Jalal Sadeghi jalal.sadeghi [at] Assoc
Subin Sahu subin.sahu [at] Assoc
Veronika Szalai veronika.szalai [at] Fed
Karina Torres Castro karina.torrescastro [at] IntlAssoc
Gabriela Wojtowicz gabriela.wjtowicz [at] IntlAssoc
Yang Yang yang.yang [at] IntlAssoc
Alexandros Zestos alexandros.zestos [at] Assoc
Michael Zwolak michael.zwolak [at] Fed