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Matthew DiSalvo

Matthew DiSalvo is a Johns Hopkins PREP Postdoctoral Researcher in the Microsystems and Nanotechnology Division. He received a B.S. in Biological Engineering from Cornell University, and a doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from UNC at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University. His doctoral research involved the automation of microraft array cell-sorting microdevices for stem cell processing. He also developed analytical techniques for gut-on-a-chip applications. Matt is working with Gregory Cooksey on developing optofluidic microfabricated cytometers.

Selected Publications

  • DiSalvo, M., Smiddy, N. M., & Allbritton, N. L. (2019). Automated sensing and splitting of stem cell colonies on microraft arrays. APL Bioengineering, 3(3), 036106. 
  • DiSalvo, M., Harris, D. M., Kantesaria, S., Peña, A. N., Allbritton-King, J. D., Cole, J. H., & Allbritton, N. L. (2018). Characterization of Tensioned PDMS Membranes for Imaging Cytometry on Microraft Arrays. Analytical Chemistry, 90(7), 4792–4800. 
  • Wang, Y., DiSalvo, M., Gunasekara, D. B., Dutton, J., Proctor, A., Lebhar, M. S., Williamson, I. A., Speer, J., Howard, R. L., Smiddy, N. M., Bultman, S. J., Sims, C. E., Magness, S. T., & Allbritton, N. L. (2017). Self-renewing Monolayer of Primary Colonic or Rectal Epithelial Cells. Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 4(1), 165-182.e7.
Created October 24, 2019, Updated May 18, 2020