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Glenn Holland (Fed)

Glenn Holland is an Instrumentation Specialist in the Microsystems and Nanotechnology Division. Glenn has a B.A. in Economics from the University of Maryland College Park. Prior to joining the CNST in 2009, Glenn spent 22 years supporting research at the Naval Research Laboratory, performing computer-aided design of experimental apparatus and instruments, including custom vacuum systems and prototype components, x-ray spectrometers, portable-ray systems, ion source systems. His designs have led to six U.S. Patents. At the CNST, Glenn assists the scientific staff with all phases of experiment and instrumentation design.

Selected Publications

  • Nanoscale imaging of plasmonic hot spots and dark modes with the photothermal-Induced resonance technique, B. Lahiri, G. Holland, V. Aksyuk, and A. Centrone, Nano Letters 13, 3218–3224 (2013).
    NIST Publication Database        Journal Web Site
  • Chemical imaging beyond the diffraction limit using photothermal induced resonance microscopy, A. Centrone, B. Lahiri, and G. Holland, Microscopy and Analysis 27, 6–9 (2013).
    NIST Publication Database
  • X-ray measurements at high-power lasers Relative conversion efficiencies of short pulse laser light into K X-ray radiation in medium to high Z elements, C. I. Szabo, P. Indelicato, A. Gumberidze, G. E. Holland, J. F. Seely, L. T. Hudson, A. Henins, P. Audebert, S. Bastiani-Ceccotti, E. Tabakhoff, and E. Brambrink, European Physical Journal-Special Topics 169, 243–248 (2009).
  • Enhanced X-ray Resolving Power Achieved Behind the Focal Circles of Cauchois Spectrometers, J. F. Seely, L. T. Hudson, G. E. Holland, and A. Henins, Applied Optics 47, 2767-2778 (2008).
  • Low Jitter Metal Vapor Vacuum Arc Ion Source for Electron Beam Ion Trap Injections, G. E. Holland, C. N. Boyer, J. F. Seely, J. N. Tan, J. M. Pomeroy, and J. D. Gillaspy, Review of Scientific Instruments 76, 073304 (2005).


Revisiting the Photon-Drag Effect in Metal Films

Jared H. Strait, Glenn E. Holland, Wenqi Zhu, Cheng Zhang, Bojan R. Ilic, Amit K. Agrawal, Domenico Pacifici, Henri J. Lezec
The photon-drag effect, the rectified current in a medium induced by conservation of momentum of absorbed or redirected light, is a unique probe of the detailed



NIST Inventors
Glenn Holland
patent description The Nonvacuum, Non-contact spinner chuck design solves the problem of how to work with fragile membranes on silicon wafers. Since this chuck does not require a vacuum to hold the wafer in place many process are possible that could not be done before.
Drawings describing the technology within patent 10,639,634

Vacuum Compatible Fluid Sampler

NIST Inventors
James Alexander Liddle , Samuel M. Stavis and Glenn Holland
Patent Description This invention is a complete system comprising a novel chip and chip holder that enables routine, high-resolution imaging and spectroscopy of samples in liquids and high-pressure gases in the transmission electron microscope (TEM). The system overcomes limitations in liquid-layer
an image showing several different charts and figures that is titled "High-Resolution imaging and spectroscopy at High Pressure: A Novel Liquid Cell for the TEM"

Vacuum Compatible Fluid Sampler

NIST Inventors
Glenn Holland , Samuel M. Stavis and James Alexander Liddle
Patent Description The transmission electron microscope (TEM), with its ability to deliver atomic-scale spatial, and < 100 meV spectroscopic resolution, has enabled countless breakthroughs in materials science. From the early days of TEM development, researchers have sought to use the power of this
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