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Multidimensional Printer

Patent Number: 11,738,312


A multidimensional printer makes a multidimensional structure from a liquid composition and includes: an energetic crosslinking particle source; a vacuum chamber that receives energetic crosslinking particles from the energetic crosslinking particle source; a membrane that transmits the energetic crosslinking particles; and a sample chamber that: receives a liquid composition that includes a solvent and polymers, the polymers including a cross-linkable moiety subjected to the energetic crosslinking particles such that portions of the polymers proximate to the cross-linkable moieties subjected to the energetic crosslinking particles crosslink to form a solid crosslinked polymer structure, wherein the membrane isolates a vacuum of the vacuum chamber from vapor of the liquid composition in the sample chamber.

Created September 11, 2023, Updated December 15, 2023