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2021 Community College of the Northwest

2021 Community College of the Northwest Case Study cover

2021 Community College of the Northwest

Community College of the Northwest PDF
Feedback Report PDF

Baldrige Excellence Framework

Case study resources illustrate the Baldrige Award application and evaluation processes. These resources include

  • a case study, which is a sample Baldrige Award application showing a fictitious organization's responses to the questions of the Baldrige Excellence Framework
  • a feedback report modeled on the report received by actual Baldrige Award applicants; this feedback report is based on the Consensus scorebook produced by a team of Baldrige examiners who evaluated the fictitious application against the Criteria

Case studies show you the format and general content of a Baldrige Award application. However, because the primary purpose of the case study is to provide learning opportunities for Baldrige examiners and others, the case study purposely does not address all Criteria questions or demonstrate role-model responses in all areas. See the case study scorebook and feedback report to learn how the fictitious organization scored and to see its strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Baldrige master examiners Meridith Wentz and Tom Field led a team of other master examiners—Deborah Ameen, Carlos Ayala, Michael Belter, Stephen Bonk, Catherine Craver, and Dawn Garcia—to research and write the Community College of the Northwest (CCNW) case study. With a vision to be the best in the nation in providing students with accessibility, affordability, career-readiness, and social responsibility, CCNW was created to be challenged, as many community colleges are, with decreased state funding, increased competition for students, and demands to close the achievement gap. The writing team created processes for succession planning and development, best-practice sharing, representation of diversity, complaint management, feedback loops, dashboards, intelligent risks, and innovation. Reviewers Kristin Stehouwer, Fonda Vera, Debi Gaitan, Jan Garfield, Kathie Gilbert, and Liz Menzer provided guidance to the team.

A team of Baldrige master examiners (Bao Huynh [team leader], Bo Snyder [backup team leader], Jan Garfield, Kevin Grayson, Kathy Jenson, Pat Lapekas, Denise Shields, and Kristen Stehouwer) evaluated the fictitious organization against the Criteria and created a consensus scorebook to be used in training.

The Community College of the Northwest is based on the 2021-2022 Baldrige Excellence Framework (Education).


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Created July 7, 2022