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Applied Physics Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Kristan Corwin Division Chief kristan.corwin [at] Fed
Indira Reyes Division Secretary indira.reyes [at] Fed
Sue Wright Administrative Assistant susan.wright [at] Fed

Advanced Microwave Photonics Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Joe Aumentado Group Leader jose.aumentado [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Joe Aumentado jose.aumentado [at] Fed
Katarina Cicak katarina.cicak [at] Fed
Joshua Combes IntlAssoc
Akash Dixit akash.dixit [at] Fed
Jose Estrada Gonzalez jose.estradagonzalez [at] IntlAssoc
Kristen Genter kristen.genter [at] Assoc
Andras Gyenis andras.gyenis [at] Assoc
Kaixuan Ji kaixuan.ji [at] IntlAssoc
Xiaoyue Jin xiaoyue.jin [at] Assoc
Sarah Jones sarah.jones [at] Assoc
Ryan Kaufman Assoc
Trevyn Larson trevyn.larson [at] Fed
Florent Lecocq florent.lecocq [at] Fed
Maxime Malnou maxime.malnou [at] Assoc
Anthony McFadden anthony.mcfadden [at] Fed
Benton Miller benton.miller [at] Assoc
Maria Nowicki Assoc
Zachary Parrott zachary.parrott [at] Assoc
Charles Rogers [at] Assoc
Sudhir Sahu sudhir.sahu [at] IntlAssoc
Raymond Simmonds raymond.simmonds [at] Fed
John Teufel john.teufel [at] Fed
Tongyu Zhao tongyu.zhao [at] IntlAssoc

Applied Physics - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Kristan Corwin kristan.corwin [at] Fed
Gordon Day [at] Assoc
Janine Durazo janine.durazo [at] Fed
Michelle Malcomb michelle.malcomb [at] Fed
Indira Reyes indira.reyes [at] Fed
Aimee Ross aimee.ross [at] Fed
Karl Stupic karl.stupic [at] Fed
Sue Wright susan.wright [at] Fed
Sylvannah Ybright sylvannah.ybright [at] Fed
Neal Zelarney neal.zelarney [at] Fed

Faint Photonics Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Richard Mirin Group Leader (Acting) richard.mirin [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Alyssa Jimeson alyssa.jimeson [at] Fed
Adriana Lita adriana.lita [at] Fed
Adam McCaughan adam.mccaughan [at] Fed
Bakhrom Oripov bakhrom.oripov [at] IntlAssoc
Daniel Sorensen daniel.sorensen [at] Assoc
Varun Verma varun.verma [at] Fed

Magnetic Imaging Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Gary Zabow Group Leader gary.zabow [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Margaret Arthur margaret.arthur [at] Assoc
Josh Biller joshua.biller [at] Assoc
Emily Buchanan emily.buchanan [at] Fed
Mark Ferris mark.ferris [at] Assoc
Daniel M. Gruber daniel.m.gruber [at] Fed
Janusz Hankiewicz janusz.hankiewicz [at] Assoc
Kalina Jordanova kalina.jordanova [at] Assoc
Katy Keenan kathryn.keenan [at] Fed
Julia Kerr julia.kerr [at] Assoc
Jessica Martinez Martinez jessica.martinezmartinez [at] IntlAssoc
Elizabeth Mirowski Assoc
Samuel Oberdick samuel.oberdick [at] Assoc
Stephen Ogier stephen.ogier [at] Fed
Megan Poorman megan.poorman [at] Assoc
Gilbert Rivera Morales gilbert.riveramorales [at] Assoc
Stephen E. Russek stephen.russek [at] Fed
Michael Snow Assoc
Michael Snow Assoc
Cassandra Stoffer cassandra.stoffer [at] Fed
Alex Wilson Ctr
Gary Zabow gary.zabow [at] Fed

Molecular and Bio-Photonics Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Kimberly Briggman Group Leader kimberly.briggman [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Kimberly Briggman kimberly.briggman [at] Fed
Jeeseong C. Hwang jeeseong.hwang [at] Fed
Alexis Lee alexis.lee [at] Fed
David F. Plusquellic david.plusquellic [at] Fed
Levi Spencer levi.spencer [at] Fed
Jasper Stroud jasper.stroud [at] Fed
Abigail Wiencek abigail.wiencek [at] Fed
Helen Zhang helen.zhang [at] Fed

Quantitative Nanostructure Characterization Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Kris A. Bertness Group Leader kris.bertness [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Lucas Berry Assoc
Kris A. Bertness kris.bertness [at] Fed
Matthew Brubaker matthew.brubaker [at] Fed
David Diercks Assoc
Brian Gorman Assoc
Pavel Kabos pavel.kabos [at] Fed
Neelima Kuttappa Mukkatira neelima.kuttappamukkatira [at] IntlAssoc
John Laughlin Ctr
Kelly Melim Ctr
Frederick Mendoza Ctr
Luis Miaja Avila luis.miajaavila [at] Fed
Eric Rappeport eric.rappeport [at] Fed
Alexana Roshko alexana.roshko [at] Fed
Norman A. Sanford norman.sanford [at] Fed
Gerald Schmaing Ctr
Edwin Supple edwin.supple [at] Fed
Robert Tilbury Ctr
Thomas Mitchell (Mitch) Wallis thomas.wallis [at] Fed

Quantum Nanophotonics Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Richard Mirin Group Leader richard.mirin [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Samuel Adler samuel.adler [at] Fed
Joey Bush joseph.bush [at] Assoc
Brandon Cage brandon.cage [at] Assoc
Jeff Chiles jeffrey.chiles [at] Fed
Ravin Chowdhury ravin.chowdhury [at] IntlAssoc
Ryan DeCrescent ryan.decrescent [at] Fed
Abigail Gookin abigail.gookin [at] Assoc
Michael Grayson michael.grayson [at] Fed
Benedikt Hampel benedikt.hampel [at] IntlAssoc
Poolad Imany poolad.imany [at] Assoc
Nusrat Jahan nusrat.jahan [at] IntlAssoc
Gautam Kavuri gautam.kavuri [at] IntlAssoc
Saeed Khan saeed.khan [at] Assoc
Michael Mazurek michael.mazurek [at] IntlAssoc
Shawn Meyer shawn.meyer [at] Assoc
Richard Mirin richard.mirin [at] Fed
Ryan Morgenstern ryan.morgenstern [at] Assoc
Nima Nader nima.nader [at] Fed
Ryan O'Loughlin ryan.oloughlin [at] Assoc
Negar Otrooshi negar.otrooshi [at] Assoc
Jasper Palfree jasper.palfree [at] Assoc
Bryce Primavera bryce.primavera [at] Fed
Maximilian Protte maximilian.protte [at] IntlAssoc
Dileep Reddy dileep.reddy [at] IntlAssoc
Abhi Saxena abhi.saxena [at] IntlAssoc
Jeff Shainline jeffrey.shainline [at] Fed
Krister Shalm lynden.shalm [at] Fed
Kevin L. Silverman kevin.silverman [at] Fed
Marty Stevens martin.stevens [at] Fed
Zixuan Wang [at] IntlAssoc
Matthew Warren matthew.warren [at] Assoc
Skyler Weight skyler.weight [at] Assoc
Yuan Zhan yuan.zhan [at] IntlAssoc
Miles Zheng miles.zheng [at] Fed

Sources and Detectors Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John H. Lehman Group Leader john.lehman [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Sonia Buckley sonia.buckley [at] Fed
Julian Gieseler julian.gieseler [at] IntlAssoc
Erich N. Grossman erich.grossman [at] Fed
David Harber Assoc
Robert Haun robert.haun [at] Assoc
Alan Jaffe alan.jaffe [at] Fed
John H. Lehman john.lehman [at] Fed
James Mc Fall james.mcfall [at] IntlAssoc
Patrick McArdle patrick.mcardle [at] Fed
Bradley Pelz bradley.pelz [at] Fed
Zorana Popovic Assoc
Kyle Rogers [at] Fed
Zeus Ruiz Gutierrez zeus.ruizgutierrez [at] IntlAssoc
Joel Rutkowski joel.rutkowski [at] Assoc
Brian Simonds brian.simonds [at] Fed
Matthew Spidell matthew.spidell [at] Fed
Michelle Stephens michelle.stephens [at] Fed
Nathan Tomlin nathan.tomlin [at] Fed
Johannes Wahl johannes.wahl [at] IntlAssoc
Malcolm White malcolm.white [at] Assoc
Paul A. Williams paul.williams [at] Fed
Chris Yung christopher.yung [at] Fed

Spin Electronics Group

Name Email Staff type
Ian Haygood ian.haygood [at] Fed
Emilie Jue emilie.jue [at] Assoc
Martina Kiechle martina.kiechle [at] IntlAssoc
Anthony Kos anthony.kos [at] Fed
Hans Nembach hans.nembach [at] Assoc
William Peria william.peria [at] Fed
Matthew Pufall matthew.pufall [at] Fed
William Rippard william.rippard [at] Fed
Michael Schneider michael.schneider [at] Fed
Justin Shaw [at] Fed
Theodore C. Stauffer theodore.stauffer [at] Fed
Michael Tanksalvala michael.tanksalvala [at] Fed
Muhammed Unutmaz muhammed.unutmaz [at] IntlAssoc
Jacob Wisser jacob.wisser [at] Fed