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Karl Stupic (Fed)

Karl Stupic, Ph.D. is the Advanced Magnetic Imaging Project Leader in the Magnetic Imaging Group of the Applied Physics Division. His work focuses on developing new hardware, methodology, and metrology for magnetic spectroscopy and imaging techniques, particularly magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). He started at NIST in 2012 as a National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow working on quantum enhancement in MRI. Currently he focuses on the application of low magnetic field magnetic resonance to medical, agricultural, and industrial environments. 

Dr. Karl Stupic, along with Dr. Stephen Russek, Dr. Kathryn Keenan, and Mr. Neal Zelarney, is the recipient of the 2022 Department of Commerce Bronze Award. Dr. Karl Stupic along with Dr. Kathryn Keenan, Dr. Michael Boss, and Dr. Stephen Russek are recipients of the the 2016 Department of Commerce Gold Medal, the 2016 Department of Commerce Ron Brown Excellence in Innovation Award, and the 2015 CO-LABS Governor's Award for High-Impact Research in Public Health and Life Sciences.

Current Research Projects

Selected Publications


Design and Demonstration of a Low Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging Rhizotron for In-Field Imaging of Energy Sorghum Roots

George Bagnall, Stephen Altobelli, Mark Conradi, Hilary Fabich, Eiichi Fukushima, Neha Koonjoo, Dean Kuethe, William Rooney, Karl Stupic, Bragi Sveinsson, Brock Weers, NITHYA RAJAN, Matthew Rosen, Cristine Morgan
Advances in plant root phenotyping will play a crucial role in the development of modern crop varieties for fostering sustainable agriculture. Root phenotyping

Patents (2018-Present)

Created August 1, 2019, Updated February 23, 2023