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Kris A. Bertness (Fed)

Research Interests

  • Semiconductor metrology, devices, and crystal growth.
  • GaN and related wide-band-gap semiconductors.
  • Nanophononic metamaterials for thermoelectric devices.
  • Background in high efficiency solar cells.

Professional Associations

  • IEEE, Senior Member
  • Materials Research Society
  • Electronic Materials Conference, Officer 2015 – 2023, Organizing Committee 2007 – Present


  • K. A. Bertness, Matt D. Brubaker, and William Old, "Nanowire article and processes for making and using same," U. S. Patent No. 9,460,921, issued October 2016.
  • K. A. Bertness, N. A. Sanford, P. Kabos, T. M. Wallis, “Scanning Probe Microscopy Instrument and Method Therefor,” U. S. Patent Number 8,484,756; issued July 2013.
  • K. A. Bertness, “Fractional phase measurement by polarization-dependent spectroscopy,” U. S.  Patent Number 6,121,051; issued September 19, 2000.


AlGaN/GaN core-shell heterostructures for nanowire UV LEDs

Matthew D. Brubaker, Bryan T. Spann, Kristen L. Genter, Alexana Roshko, Paul T. Blanchard, Todd E. Harvey, Kristine A. Bertness
Nanowire-based ultraviolet (UV) LEDs hold great promise as nanoscale light sources, potentially enabling advanced scanning microscopy probes capable of

Patents (2018-Present)

Thermoelectric Devices Based On Nanophononic Metamaterials

NIST Inventors
Kris A. Bertness and Joel Weber
A nanophononic metamaterial-based thermoelectric energy conversion device and processes for fabricating a nanophononic metamaterial-based thermoelectric energy conversion device is provided. In one implementation, for example, a nanophononic metamaterial-based thermoelectric energy conversion device

Core-Shell Nanofin Vertical Switch and High-Voltage Switching

NIST Inventors
Kris A. Bertness and Matthew Brubaker
A core-shell nanofin vertical switch performs high-voltage switching and includes: an n-type GaN nanofin core including: an n-type drift layer; an n-type channel; and an n-type source; a p-type nanofin shell surrounding the n-type GaN nanofin core at an interface surface of the n-type GaN nanofin
Created July 30, 2019, Updated February 7, 2023