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Gary Zabow (Fed)

Gary makes small magnetic things designed to go into big magnetic things. Things like microfabricated contrast agents and nanosensors that help big NMR/MRI scanners see small details, for projects like tracking single cells in vivo or monitoring local physiological conditions. Gary also works on novel microfabrication technologies as well as new magnetics-based sensor platforms. He currently serves as the group leader of the Magnetic Imaging Group in the Applied Physics Division.

Current Research Projects




NIST Inventors
Gary Zabow
patent description This invention is a new method of transferring (“transfer printing”) microstructures or micropatterns created on a first surface onto a second receiving surface, where the second surface may be highly uneven or curved or in some other way incompatible with the fabrication process
Created July 30, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022