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Gary Zabow (Fed)

Dr. Gary Zabow currently serves as group leader of the Magnetic Imaging Group and as the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Contrast Agents and Probes project leader in NIST’s Applied Physics Division. His work is focused on new magnetics-based sensing approaches, the development of novel microfabrication techniques, and on using microfabricated systems to enhance imaging, tracking, and sensing functionalities of MRI.

Selected Publications

Reflow transfer for conformal three-dimensional microprinting”, G. Zabow, Science 378, 894 (2022).

Shape-changing magnetic assemblies as high-sensitivity NMR-readable nanoprobes”, G. Zabow, S. Dodd, A. Koretsky, Nature 520, 73 (2015).

Micro-engineered local field control for high-sensitivity multispectral MRI”, G. Zabow, S. Dodd, J. Moreland, A. Koretsky, Nature 453, 1058 (2008).

Current Research Projects


Patents (2018-Present)

Ultra-conformal Microprint And Ultra-conformal Microprint Transferring

NIST Inventors
Gary Zabow
A process for making an ultra-conformal microprint by ultra-conformal microprint transferring includes: disposing a transfer moiety arranged in a microstructure on a transfer substrate; disposing a glassy transfer layer on the transfer moiety; forming a glassy composite; removing the glassy
Created July 30, 2019, Updated November 2, 2023