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Reflow transfer for conformal three-dimensional microprinting

November 24, 2022
Gary Zabow
From microcircuits to metamaterials, micropatterning surfaces adds valuable functionality. For non-planar surfaces, however, incompatibility with conventional microlithography requires transferring originally planar micropatterns onto those surfaces but

Large T1 contrast enhancement using superparamagnetic nanoparticles in ultra-low field MRI

June 5, 2018
Xiaolu Yin, Stephen E. Russek, Gary Zabow, Fan Sun, Jeotikanta Mohapatra, Kathryn E. Keenan, Michael A. Boss, Hao Zeng, Sy-Hwang Liou, John M. Moreland
Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles (SPIONs) are widely investigated and utilized as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast and therapy agents due to their large magnetic moments. Local field inhomogeneities caused by these high magnetic moments

Multispectral MR imaging and sensing using shaped nanoparticles

November 26, 2016
Gary Zabow
The idea that size and shape can determine color is well known in optics-based quantum dot and plasmonic nanoparticle fields. But what about in the radio-frequency (RF) portion of the spectrum? This chapter reviews recent work on specially shaped magnetic

Shape-changing magnetic assemblies as high-sensitivity NMR-readable nanoprobes

April 2, 2015
Gary Zabow, Stephen Dodd, Alan Koretsky
Fluorescent and plasmonic probes have proven invaluable in the life sciences, but function poorly in optically inaccessible regions. Here we present radio-frequency addressable analogs that afford sensing opportunities similar to those of fluorescent

Engineering novel detectors and sensors for MRI

April 1, 2013
Gary Zabow, Chunqi Qian, Alan Koretsky
Increasing detection sensitivity and image contrast have always been major topics of research in MRI. In this perspective, we summarize two engineering approaches to make detectors and sensors that have potential to extend the capability of MRI. The first

Microfabricated High-Moment Micrometer-Sized MRI Contrast Agents

August 26, 2010
Gary Zabow, John M. Moreland, Stephen Dodd, alan koretsky, erik shapiro
While chemically synthesized superparamagnetic microparticles have enabled much new research based on MRI tracking of magnetically labeled cells, signal-to-noise levels still limit the potential range of applications. Here it is shown how, through top-down

Microfabricated multispectral MRI agents: a brief overview

September 3, 2009
Gary Zabow
This paper provides an introductory overview on recent top-down microfabricated, as opposed to traditional bottom-up chemically synthesized, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) contrast agents. As a specific example of the enhanced agent functionality that

Controlled Transport of Magnetic Particles Using Soft Magnetic Patterns

November 20, 2008
Richard Conroy, Gary Zabow, John M. Moreland, Alan P. Koretsky
Inspired by magnetic bubble memory technology, we demonstrate the temporal and spatial manipulation of superparamagnetic beads guided by soft magnetic patterns in a rotating magnetic field. Soft magnetic structures allow complex and repetitive tasks to be

Micro-engineered local field control for high-sensitivity multi-spectral MRI

June 19, 2008
Gary Zabow, Stephen Dodd, John M. Moreland, Alan P. Koretsky
In recent years, biotechnology and biomedical research have benefited from the introduction of a variety of specialized nanoparticles whose well-defined, optically distinguishable signatures enable simultaneous tracking of numerous biological indicators