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Kalina Jordanova (Assoc)

Kalina Jordanova, PhD is an NRC post-doctoral scholar in the Magnetic Imaging Group in the Applied Physics Division. After receiving her PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University with a focus on developing new methods for quantitative MRI, Kalina worked in healthcare, radiation, and oceanographic technology companies before coming to NIST. At NIST, Kalina works to improve the repeatability and reliability of low-field quantitative MRI by developing phantoms that can be used as calibration objects to standardize low-field (< 1 T) imaging methods.


  • Developing quantitative MRI standard materials for low-field MRI
  • Developing quantitative MRI methods for low magnetic field field strengths
  • Measuring the variability in quantitative MRI for clinical use
  • Enhancing low-field MRI using Artificial Intelligence methods


Created October 14, 2020, Updated December 9, 2022