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Luis Miaja Avila


Near- and extended-edge x-ray-absorption fine-structure spectroscopy using ultrafast coherent high-order harmonic supercontinua

Dimitar Popmintchev, Benjamin Galloway, Ming-Chang Chen, Franklin Dolar, Christopher Mancuso, Amelia Hankla, Luis Miaja Avila, Galen C. O'Neil, Guangyu Fan, Skirmantas Alisauskas, Giedrius Andriukaitis, Tadas Balciunas, Oliver M?cke, Audrius Pugzlys, Andrius Baltuska, Henry C. Kapteyn, Tenio Popmintchev, Margaret M. Murnane
Phase matching of the high-order harmonic generation process now makes it possible to produce spatially and temporally coherent ultrafast X-ray beams, with

A practical superconducting-microcalorimeter X-ray spectrometer for beamline and laboratory science

William B. Doriese, Peter Abbamonte, Douglas A. Bennett, Edward V. Denison, Yizhi Fang, Daniel A. Fischer, Colin P. Fitzgerald, Joseph W. Fowler, Johnathon D. Gard, Gene C. Hilton, Cherno Jaye, Jessica L. McChesney, Luis Miaja Avila, Kelsey M. Morgan, Young Il Joe, Galen C. O'Neil, Carl D. Reintsema, Fanny Rodolakis, Daniel R. Schmidt, Hideyuki Tatsuno, Jens Uhlig, Leila R. Vale, Joel N. Ullom, Daniel S. Swetz
We describe a series of microcalorimeter X-ray spectrometers designed for a broad suite of measurement applications. The chief advantage of this type of

Beating Darwin-Bragg losses in lab-based ultrafast x-ray experiments

Wilfred Fullagar, Jens Uhlig, Ujjwal Mandal, Dharma Kurunthu, Amal El Nahhas, Hideyuki Tatsuno, Alireza Honarfar, Fredrik Gustafsson, Villy Sundstrom, Mikko Palosaari, Luis Miaja Avila, Young Il Joe, Daniel S. Swetz, Joel N. Ullom
The use of low temperature thermal detectors for avoiding Darwin-Bragg losses in lab-based ultrafast experiments has begun. An outline of the background of this
Created April 7, 2019