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Negar Otrooshi (Assoc)


Negar Otrooshi is PREP Post Doc. She joined the Quantum Nanophotonic Group in 2021. She has been working on packaging of superconducting detectors.

Current Research Project: Packaging of optical fiber array to a array of optical transition edge sensor and packaging of a tapered fiber to a superconducting microwire- single photon detectors.

Selected Publications

”Broadband polarization insensitivity and high detection efficiency in high-fill-factor superconducting microwire single-photon detectors”, APL Photonics 7, 051302 (2022), Dileep V. Reddy, Negar Otrooshi, Sae Woo Nam, Richard Mirin, and Varun B. Verma


Created February 3, 2021, Updated April 12, 2023