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Adriana E. Lita (Fed)

Adriana E. Lita is a member of the Faint Photonics Group at NIST-Boulder where she works on fabrication and development of single-photon detectors such as transition-edge sensors (TES) and superconducting nanowires single-photon detectors (SNSPD) devices. Her work includes development of record high quantum efficiency TES devices optimized at various wavelengths from UV to near IR, integration of TES with optical waveguides platforms for photonic circuits, as well as materials development for SNSPDs. These single-photon detectors are the building blocks for applications ranging from testing fundamental laws of quantum mechanics to metrology of quantum light states and implementations of photonic quantum computing.


Demonstration of Superconducting Optoelectronic Single-Photon Synapses

Saeed Khan, Bryce Primavera, Jeff Chiles, Adam McCaughan, Sonia Buckley, Alexander Tait, Adriana Lita, John Biesecker, Anna Fox, David Olaya, Richard Mirin, Sae Woo Nam, Jeff Shainline
Superconducting optoelectronic hardware is being explored as a path towards artificial spiking neural networks with unprecedented scales of complexity and

Quantum computational advantage with a programmable photonic processor

L.S. Madsen, F. Laudenbach, M.F. Askarani, F. Rortais, T. Vincent, J.F.F. Bulmer, F.M. Miatto, L. Neuhaus, L.G. Helt, Matthew Collins, Adriana Lita, Thomas Gerrits, Sae Woo Nam, V.D. Vaidya, M. Menotti, I. Dhand, Zachary Vernon, N. Quesada, J. Lavoie
The demonstration of quantum computational advantage is a key milestone in the race to build a fully functional quantum computer. This milestone involves

Multiphoton quantum metrology with neither pre- nor post-selected measurements

Chenglong You, Mingyuan Hong, Peter Bierhorst, Adriana Lita, Scott Glancy, Steven Kolthammer, Emanuel Knill, Sae Woo Nam, Richard Mirin, Omar Magana-Loaiza, Thomas Gerrits
The quantum statistical fluctuations of the electromagnetic field establish fundamental limits on the sensitivity of optical measurements. This fundamental

Single-photon detection in the mid-infrared up to 10 micron wavelength using tungsten silicide superconducting nanowire detectors

Varun Verma, Adriana Lita, Yao Zhai, Heli C. Vora, Richard Mirin, Sae Woo Nam, Boris Korzh, Alex Walter, Ryan Briggs, Marco Colangelo, Emma Wollman, Andrew Beyer, Jason Allmaras, D. Zhu, Ekkehart Schmidt, A. G. Kozorezov, Matthew Shaw
We developed superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs) based on tungsten silicide (WSi) that show saturated internal detection efficiency up to
Created July 30, 2019, Updated March 20, 2024