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2021 Silver Medal Award


The group is recognized for exceptional scientific achievement culminating in the first demonstration of an array of superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors (SNSPDs) with more than 1,000 pixels. The NIST array represents a 15X improvement in size and pixel count and over one hundred million times better noise properties than conventional arrays. Such arrays of SNSPDs are required for the most demanding applications of imaging at ultralow light levels for astronomy, deep space communications, and medical imaging. The group’s technology is already being adopted by industry.


Varun Verma

Physical Measurement Laboratory

Adriana Lita

Physical Measurement Laboratory

Richard Mirin

Supervisory Electronics Engineer
Physical Measurement Laboratory, Applied Physics Division

Sae Woo Nam

NIST Fellow
Physical Measurement Laboratory

Thomas Gerrits

Information Technology Laboratory, Applied and Computational Mathematics Division

Martin Stevens

Electronics Engineer
Physical Measurement Laboratory, Applied Physics Division

Robert Horansky

Laboratory Programs, Communications Technology Laboratory, RF Technology Division