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Quantum Measurement Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Gerald J. FitzPatrick Division Chief gerald.fitzpatrick [at] Fed
Albert Rigosi Deputy Division Chief albert.rigosi [at] Fed
Gail M. Griffin-Ferris Division Secretary m.griffin-ferris [at] Fed

Fundamental Electrical Measurements Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
David B. Newell Group Leader david.newell [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Tehseen Adel tehseen.adel [at] IntlAssoc
Svetlana Avramov-Zamurovic svetlana.avramov-zamvrovic [at] Fed
Leon Chao leon.chao [at] Fed
Sungwan Cho sungwan.cho [at] IntlAssoc
Zane Comden zane.comden [at] Fed
John-Edward Draganov john-edward.draganov [at] Assoc
Darine El Haddad darine.elhaddad [at] Fed
Randolph Elmquist randolph.elmquist [at] Fed
Gail M. Griffin-Ferris m.griffin-ferris [at] Fed
DaVonne Henry davonne.henry [at] Assoc
Angela R. Hight Walker angela.hightwalker [at] Fed
Heather Hill heather.hill [at] Assoc
Dean G. Jarrett dean.jarrett [at] Fed
Lorenz Keck lorenz.keck [at] IntlAssoc
Andrew D. Koffman andrew.koffman [at] Fed
Thuc Mai thuc.mai [at] Assoc
Thapelo Given Mametja thapelogiven.mametja [at] IntlAssoc
Swapnil Mhatre swapnil.mhatre [at] IntlAssoc
Maria Munoz maria.munoz [at] Fed
David B. Newell david.newell [at] Fed
Alireza Panna alireza.panna [at] Fed
Shamith Payagala shamith.payagala [at] Fed
Jon R. Pratt jon.pratt [at] Fed
Albert Rigosi albert.rigosi [at] Fed
Stephan Schlamminger stephan.schlamminger [at] Fed
Frank Seifert frank.seifert [at] Assoc
Jeffrey Simpson jeffrey.simpson [at] Assoc
Charlezetta Stokes Assoc
Ngoc Thanh Mai Tran ngocthanhmai.tran [at] IntlAssoc
Yicheng Wang [at] Fed
Yanfei Yang yanfei.yang [at] Assoc
Ching-Chen Yeh ching-chen.yeh [at] IntlAssoc
Yin Ting Yeh Assoc

Quantum Optics Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Alan Migdall Group Leader alan.migdall [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Joshua Bienfang joshua.bienfang [at] Fed
Ivan Burenkov ivan.burenkov [at] Assoc
Theresa Ginley theresa.ginley [at] Fed
Alexey Gorshkov alexey.gorshkov [at] Fed
Zachary H. Levine zachary.levine [at] Fed
Alan Migdall alan.migdall [at] Fed
Sergey Polyakov sergey.polyakov [at] Fed
Thomas Purdy thomas.purdy [at] Fed
Alessandro Restelli alessandro.restelli [at] Assoc
Deanna Smith deanna.smith [at] Fed
Glenn Solomon glenn.solomon [at] Assoc
Jacob Taylor jacob.taylor [at] Fed
Brayden Ware brayden.ware [at] Fed

Applied Electrical Metrology Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Thomas L. Nelson Group Leader thomas.nelson [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Zachary Barcikowski zachary.barcikowski [at] Assoc
Stefan Cular stefan.cular [at] Fed
Tam Duong tam.duong [at] Assoc
Gerald J. FitzPatrick gerald.fitzpatrick [at] Fed
Allen R. Hefner Jr. allen.hefner [at] Fed
Carolyn M. Mudano carolyn.mudano [at] Fed
Thomas L. Nelson thomas.nelson [at] Fed
Andrew Nixon andrew.nixon [at] Assoc
Jose Ortiz jose.ortiz [at] Assoc
Richard L. Steiner richard.steiner [at] Fed
Jason Underwood jason.underwood [at] Fed
Bryan C. Waltrip bryan.waltrip [at] Fed

Mass and Force Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Zeina J. Kubarych Group Leader zeina.kubarych [at] Fed
Deanna Smith Group Secretary (Acting) deanna.smith [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Mahmod Al Bkree [at] IntlAssoc
Richard A. Allen richard.allen [at] Fed
Kumar Arumugam kumar.arumugam [at] IntlAssoc
Eric C. Benck eric.benck [at] Fed
Kevin L. Chesnutwood kevin.chesnutwood [at] Fed
Akobuije Chijioke akobuije.chijioke [at] Fed
Steven E. Fick steven.fick [at] Assoc
Jon Geist jon.geist [at] Fed
Joshua Graybill joshua.graybill [at] Fed
Alma Hall alma.hall [at] Fed
Samuel L. Ho samuel.ho [at] Fed
Zeina J. Kubarych zeina.kubarych [at] Fed
Hany Metry hany.metry [at] IntlAssoc
Beverly Payne beverly.payne [at] Ctr
Benjamin Reschovsky benjamin.reschovsky [at] Fed
Simon Schaefer simon.schaefer [at] IntlAssoc
Sven Schulze sven.schulze [at] IntlAssoc
Gordon A. Shaw [at] Fed
Jared Strait jared.strait [at] Fed
Randall P. Wagner randall.wagner [at] Fed

Atomic Spectroscopy Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Yuri Ralchenko Group Leader yuri.ralchenko [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Layla M. Armitage layla.armitage [at] Fed
Alessandro Banducci alessandro.banducci [at] Assoc
Joseph Beaudoin joseph.beaudoin [at] Assoc
Robert Paul Butler Assoc
Michael Crisp michael.crisp [at] Assoc
Charlotte Froese Fischer charlotte.fischer [at] Assoc
John D. Gillaspy john.gillaspy [at] Fed
Albert Henins albert.henins [at] Ctr
Adam Hosier adam.hosier [at] Assoc
Rodrigo Ibacache rodrigo.ibacache [at] Fed
Timothy Koeth timothy.koeth [at] Assoc
Alexander Kramida alexander.kramida [at] Fed
Elina Lee elina.lee [at] Assoc
Grant Mondeel grant.mondeel [at] Assoc
Aung S. Naing aung.naing [at] Assoc
Gillian Nave gillian.nave [at] Fed
Karen Olsen karen.olsen [at] Fed
Rebecca Osborn rebecca.osborn [at] Assoc
Yuri Ralchenko yuri.ralchenko [at] Fed
Aadil Rashid aadil.rashid [at] IntlAssoc
Joseph Reader jreader [at] Assoc
Marc Sackers marc.sackers [at] IntlAssoc
Edward B. Saloman edward.saloman [at] Assoc
Hunter Staiger hunter.staiger [at] Assoc
Endre Takacs endre.takacs [at] Assoc
Joseph N. Tan joseph.tan [at] Fed

Laser Cooling and Trapping Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Gretchen K. Campbell Group Leader gretchen.campbell [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Emine Altuntas emine.altuntas [at] IntlAssoc
William Braasch william.braasch [at] Fed
Gretchen K. Campbell gretchen.campbell [at] Fed
Charles W. Clark charles.clark [at] Fed
Dario D'Amato dario.damato [at] Assoc
Michael Doris michael.doris [at] Assoc
Mark Andrew Edwards mark.edwards [at] Assoc
Kimberly A. Emswiler kimberly.emswiler [at] Fed
Nicole Halpern nicole.halpern [at] Fed
Khoi Hoang khoi.hoang [at] IntlAssoc
Jacek Klos jacek.klos [at] Assoc
Paul D. Lett paul.lett [at] Fed
Emmanuel Mercado Gutierrez emmanuel.mercadogutierrez [at] IntlAssoc
William D. Phillips william.phillips [at] Fed
Alina Pineiro Escalera alina.pineiroescalera [at] Assoc
James(Trey) Porto trey.porto [at] Fed
Graham Reid graham.reid [at] Assoc
Chandra Shahi chandra.shahi [at] Assoc
Ian Spielman ian.spielman [at] Fed
Jao Su Assoc
Eite Tiesinga eite.tiesinga [at] Fed
Evan Yamaguchi evan.yamaguchi [at] Assoc

Quantum Measurement - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Michael Gaitan michael.gaitan [at] Assoc
Peter J. Mohr mohr [at] Fed
Marianna Safronova marianna.safronova [at] Assoc
Barry N. Taylor barry.taylor [at] Assoc
Kendra Turner kendra.turner [at] Fed
Vanessa Velisek vanessa.velisek [at] Fed