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Jon R. Pratt

Dr. Pratt is a mechanical engineer and Chief of the Quantum Measurement Division of the Physical Measurement Laboratory (PML) at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


Contributions of precision engineering to the revision of the SI

Stephan Schlamminger, Harald Bosse, Horst Kunzmann, Jon R. Pratt, Ian Robinson, Michael de Podesta, Paul Shore, Paul Morantz
All measurements performed in science and industry are based on the International System of Units, the SI. It has been proposed to revise the SI following an

Milligram mass metrology using an electrostatic force balance

Gordon A. Shaw, Julian Stirling, John A. Kramar, Alexander D. Moses, Patrick J. Abbott, Richard L. Steiner, Andrew D. Koffman, Jon R. Pratt, Zeina J. Kubarych
Although mass is typically defined within the International System of Units (SI) at the Kilogram level, the pending redefinition of the SI provides an

Bridging classical and quantum mechanics

Darine El Haddad, Frank C. Seifert, Leon S. Chao, Shisong Lee, David B. Newell, Jon R. Pratt, Carl J. Williams, Stephan Schlamminger
Using a watt balance and a frequency comb, a mass-energy equivalence is derived. The watt balance compares mechanical power measured in terms of the meter, the

Design of a Table-Top Watt Balance

Stephan Schlamminger, Jon R. Pratt, David B. Newell, Frank C. Seifert, Michael Liu, Leon S. Chao, Luis Manuel Pea Prez, Shisong Li, Darine El Haddad
Measurements of the Planck constant with watt balances using 1 kg masses have achieved relative standard uncertainties below 2 x 10-8. Having established a
Created August 27, 2019