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Absolute Mass Balance

Patent Number: 11,187,571


An absolute mass balance determines an absolute mass of an object and includes: a dual diameter wheel including: a balance fulcrum; and a balance beam disposed on the balance fulcrum and including: a main mass arm and a counter mass arm; a main mass receiver that receives the object; a main magnet system including: a first main coil that produces a first magnetic field; a second main coil that produces a second magnetic field; and a permanent magnet that produces a third magnetic field that interacts with the first magnetic field and the second magnetic field; a displacement measuring system that provides a null position of the dual diameter wheel and measures a velocity of the main magnet system; and a driving motor including: an eddy current damper that provides a constant velocity of the main mass receiver; and a counter mass magnet system.



Created September 13, 2022, Updated December 14, 2023