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Applied Electrical Metrology Group

The Applied Electrical Metrology group supports the nation's infrastructure by providing calibration services in the general areas of AC and DC voltage, current, phase and power. As part of this mission, the group maintains an active research program in precision measurement systems based on quantum voltage standards to support calibration services within the group.

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Projects and Programs

Quantum Waveform Metrology

Practically all measurable physical phenomena are eventually transformed into corresponding electrical representations. The transduction of a signal into its

AC-DC Difference

The NIST Ac-dc2 Difference Project performs leading edge measurement services and research for ac-dc difference measurements and dc voltage metrology. We


Redefining the kilogram and other SI units

Stephan Schlamminger
Units are at the heart of science and technology. Most measurements require units to express their result. The International System of Units (SI) provides a


2008 APS Fellow - Richard Steiner

For his contributions to the development of the NIST Watt Balance, and landmark measurements of the Planck constant, the electron charge