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Quantum Measurement Division Groups

Atomic Spectroscopy Group

The mission of the Atomic Spectroscopy Group is to measure, calculate, critically compile, and disseminate reference data on atomic properties and fundamental constants in support of basic research, commercial development, and national priorities.

Fundamental Constants Data Center

The Fundamental Constants Data Center is focused on physics relevant to the determination of values of the fundamental constants of physics and chemistry.

Fundamental Electrical Measurements Group

The Fundamental Electrical Measurements group supports the nation's infrastructure by providing calibration services in the general areas of resistance and impedance. As part of this mission, the group maintains an active research program in precision measurements based on fundamental constants in

Laser Cooling and Trapping Group

We use ultracold gases and other atomic systems to study quantum phenomena including many-body physics, superfluidity, and quantum information.

Mass and Force Group

The Group provides traceability for the SI units of mass and force, measurement services, and research in support of the U.S. industry, government, and scientific community.

Quantum Optics Group

Our group studies and develops techniques relying on quantum optics and quantum optics-based components for new measurement capability, improved metrological accuracy, and quantum information applications.