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Quantum Optics Group

Our group studies and develops techniques relying on quantum optics and quantum optics-based components for new measurement capability, improved metrological accuracy, and quantum information applications.

News and Updates

Partially Unraveling an Entangled Mystery

Entanglement—a uniquely quantum phenomenon that intimately links the fate of subatomic particles even if they reside on opposite sides of the galaxy—is a key

Unity in the Photon Community

The creation and detection of single photons (the smallest units of light) has grown in a few decades from an experimental laboratory pursuit to an important

Projects and Programs

Applications of Quantum Information

Theory is being developed and used to devise methods for preserving and exploiting the quantum behavior of ever-larger systems for metrology, communication, and


Critical to quantum information applications is the need to store a quantum state while other qbits are created or processed.


Simulating Meson Scattering on Spin Quantum Simulators

Elizabeth Bennewitz, Brayden Ware, Alexander Schuckert, Alessio Lerose, Federica Surace, Ron Belyansky, William Morong, De Luo, Arinjoy De, Kate Collins, Or Katz, Christopher Monroe, Zohreh Davoudi, Alexey Gorshkov




Group Leader