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Mass and Force Group

The Group performs the research and development needed to provide traceability, measurement solutions, and calibration services to the US industry, government, and academia in the areas of mass, force, and the dynamic mechanical quantities of acoustics, force, and vibration.

The group also

  • Represents the interests of the US in the national, regional, and international metrology communities, through participation and/or leadership in consultative committees, working groups, and standards organizations to guarantee US competitiveness and the equivalence of standards worldwide.
  • Carries out research and development and provides technical support in legal metrology, measurement science, instrumentation design, development, and testing to develop new physical measurement services, new realization of the units, new transfer standards, new methods and data, and custom tests to improve NIST capabilities in providing traceability and leadership to meet the needs and demands of U.S. industry, government, and the scientific community.

News and Updates

Now Hear This!

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have designed and built an optical device that could set a new standard for measuring

Projects and Programs

Calibration of Force Transducers

NIST provides calibration services for force-measuring instruments by applying known forces, compression, tension or both, to the elastic transducer and

Calibration of Mass Standards

The NIST Mass and Force Group disseminates the unit of mass, the kilogram, to the US measurement system through calibrations of customer weights and weight sets


Low-power, agile electro-optic frequency comb spectrometer for integrated sensors

Kyunghun Han, David Long, Sean Bresler, Junyeob Song, Yiliang Bao, Benjamin Reschovsky, Kartik Srinivasan, Jason J. Gorman, Vladimir Aksyuk, Thomas W. LeBrun
Sensing platforms based upon photonic integrated circuits have shown considerable promise; however, they require corresponding advancements in integrated

Optical-cavity-based primary sound standard

Akobuije Chijioke, Richard A. Allen, Steven E. Fick, David Long, Benjamin Reschovsky, Jared Strait, Randall P. Wagner
We propose an optical sound standard in which the sound pressure is directly measured by using an optical cavity to observe the induced change in the refractive

Tools and Instruments



Group Leader