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Dynamic Mechanical Metrology: Acceleration, Force, and Acoustics


The Dynamic Mechanical Metrology Project develops methods to provide accuracy in, and provides calibration services for, acoustic, vibration, acceleration, and force measurements.


Anechoic-Chamber-400 X 324

The Dynamic Mechanical Metrology Project develops standards and provides calibrations for SI-traceable acceleration, acoustical and dynamic force metrology. We develop improved reference standards and calibration techniques, sensor-embedded standards, calibration techniques for new technologies, and improvements to uncertainty evaluation. Ongoing activities, reference standards and additional facilities present in our labs are described in the links below. We currently offer standard sinusoidal acceleration and microphone sensitivity calibration services, as well as special calibration services in acceleration, acoustics and dynamic force.

Calibration Services

Development Activities

Standards Committees

Resource Links

Created January 16, 2020, Updated September 15, 2021