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David B. Newell (Fed)


The Quantum Electro-Mechanical Metrology Suite

Frank Seifert, Lorenz Keck, David B. Newell, Darine El Haddad
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is building a robust open-source hardware and software Quantum Electro-Mechanical Metrology Suite

Roadmap towards the redefinition of the second

C Rieck, T Ido, M Wouters, Y Hanado, M Fujieda, PO Hedekvist, PE Pottie, J Bartholomew, J Hanssen, A Malimon, N Ashby, P Defraigne, Elizabeth Donley, I Sesia, H Schnatz, P Dube, N Dimarc, F Levi, H Margolis, S Slyusarev, M Yasuda, S Bize, D Calonico, David B. Newell, JP Uzan, M Gertsvolf, C Oates, E Peik, S Weyers, DH Yu, G Mileti, P Tavella, F Meynadier, G Petit, G Panfilo, F Fang, J Lodewyck
This paper outlines the roadmap towards the redefinition of the second recently updated by the CCTF Task Force created by the CCTF in 2020. The main
Created July 30, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022