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Alessandro Restelli (Assoc)

Research interests

  • Quantum Communications
  • Single Photon detectors
  • High Speed Electronic Design
  • Quantum Metrology

Biographical sketch

Dr. Alessandro Restelli is currently an employee of University of Maryland (Joint Quantum Institute) working at NIST trough a guest researcher appointment. His current research is focused on the design of new solid-state single photon detectors and related front-end electronics for high performance applications in Quantum Communications and Quantum Metrology.

Dr. Restelli was born in Milan, Italy, in 1977. He graduated in Electronics Engineering at Politecnico Di Milano in 2002 and, in the same institution, he successively earned with merit the PhD in Electronics and Information Technologies in 2006. His main PhD topic was the development of single photon measurement systems for biological analysis.


An ultra-low noise bipolar current source

Ian Spielman, Alessandro Restelli, Mingshu Zhao, Junheng Tao, Qiyu Liang
The precise control of dc magnetic fields is crucial in wide range of experimental platforms, from ultracold quantum gases, nuclear magnetic resonance, to
Created April 11, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022