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Joseph Reader (Assoc)

Joe has done research on the spectra of rare earth atoms, spectra of highly ionized atoms, hyperfine structure, and design of optical spectrometers. Current interests include spectra of ionized atoms of importance for diagnostics of controlled fusion plasmas (Zr VI, Nb IV, Mo VI), radiometry of fluorescent-lamp-type discharges in the ultraviolet, and critical compilations of atomic spectra (Ga, W, Ni-like ions).

Publication List


Mercury in the HgMn Stars X Lupi and HR 7775

C R. Proffitt, T Brage, D S. Leckrone, G Wahlgren, J C. Brandt, Craig J. Sansonetti, Joseph Reader, S Johansson
Observations of mercury lines in the HgMn stars chi Lupi and HR 7775 made with the Hubble Space Telescope's Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph are presented

The Spectrum of Singly Ionized Potassium, K II

K Pettersen, J O. Ekberg, I Martinson, Joseph Reader
Using 10.7 m and 3-m normal-incidence vacuum ultraviolet spectrographs, we investigated the spectrum of singly ionized potassium in the regions 495 612 and 1247

Spectral Data for Gallium: Ga I through Ga XXXI

T Shirai, Joseph Reader, Alexander Kramida, J Sugar
The energy levels and spectral lines of gallium atom in all stages of ionization have been compiled. Experimental data on spectral lines and energy levels exist
Created October 9, 2019, Updated June 15, 2021