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EUV spectra from N-shell ions of Gd, Dy and W

Deirdre Kilbane, John D. Gillaspy, Yuri Ralchenko, Joseph Reader, G. O'Sullivan
Measurements of extreme ultraviolet radiation from gadolinium, dysprosium and tungsten ions with an open n=4 shell were performed at the National Institute of

Transition Energies of the D-lines in Na-like Ions

John D. Gillaspy, Dmitry D. Osin, Yuri Ralchenko, Joseph Reader, S A. Blundell
The NIST electron beam ion trap (EBIT) was used to measure the D1 (3s-3p1/2) and D2 (3s-3p3/2) transitions in Na-like ions of xenon, barium, samarium

Extended EUV and UV Spectrum of Ne II

Alexander Kramida, C M. Brown, Uri Feldman, Joseph Reader
The extreme ultraviolet (EUV) spectrum of Ne emitted by a Penning discharge has been recorded at high resolution with a 10.7 m grazing incidence spectrometer