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The Spectrum of Singly Ionized Potassium, K II



K Pettersen, J O. Ekberg, I Martinson, Joseph Reader


Using 10.7 m and 3-m normal-incidence vacuum ultraviolet spectrographs, we investigated the spectrum of singly ionized potassium in the regions 495 612 and 1247 2150 . More than 120 new K II lines were identified. The previous work on this spectrum was revised and extended. All levels of the 3p54f and 5f configurations as well as the levels of 3p56f based on the 3p5 2P3/2 core state have now been located. Several new levels of 3p53d were also located. The ionization limit was determined from the 3p5nf 1.5[4.5]5 (n=4-6) series as 255072.8 1.5 cm-1 (31.6250 0.0002 eV).
Physica Scripta


energy levels, ionization energy, oscillator strengths, parametric fits, potassium, singly ionized, spectrum, wavelengths


Pettersen, K. , Ekberg, J. , Martinson, I. and Reader, J. (2021), The Spectrum of Singly Ionized Potassium, K II, Physica Scripta (Accessed April 12, 2024)
Created October 12, 2021