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Thuc Mai

Thuc Mai received his PhD in physics at the Ohio State University in May 2019. His research focus was on the experimental measurement of novel magnetic materials using time-domain Terahertz spectroscopy. He is continuing his pursuit of characterizing novel quantum magnets using magneto-Raman spectroscopy as an NRC postdoc in Angela Hight Walker’s lab. One of his research interests is on exotic excitations in quantum materials, such as topological magnons, Majorana fermions, etc. The goal is to demonstrate the feasibility of using these phenomena to develop new technologies, such as quantum computing.

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Curriculum Vitae

Selected Publications

  • A. M. Potts, T. T. Mai, M. T. Warren, and R. Valdés Aguilar, "Corrective re-gridding techniques for non-uniform sampling in time-domain terahertz spectroscopy," J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 36, 1037-1043 (2019) 
  • Thuc T. Mai, C. Svoboda, M.T. Warren, T.-H. Jang, J. Brangham, Y.H. Jeong, S-W. Cheong, R. Valdés Aguilar, “Terahertz Spin-Orbital Excitations in the paramagnetic state of multiferroic Sr2FeSi2O7”, PHYSICAL REVIEW B 94, 224416 (2016)


Created June 4, 2019, Updated June 10, 2019