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Alexey Gorshkov (Fed)


Patents (2018-Present)

Performing Bang-Anneal-Bang Quantum Optimization

NIST Inventors
Alexey Gorshkov
A process for bang-anneal-bang quantum optimization includes: identifying base curve v(t); setting a total runtime of the process; creating an initial guess for parameters in an ansatz; creating an initial guess for parameters in an ansatz; evolving a quantum state from a ground state of B following

Heisenberg Scaler

NIST Inventors
Alexey Gorshkov and James(Trey) Porto
A Heisenberg scaler reduces noise in quantum metrology and includes: a stimulus source that provides physical stimuli; a physical system including quantum sensors that receive a first and second physical stimuli; produces a measured action parameter; receives an perturbation pulse; and produces

Qubit Gate And Producing A Generalized Controlled-Not Quantum Gate

NIST Inventors
Adam Kaufman and Alexey Gorshkov
Electric dipoles such as Rydberg atoms and polar molecules are among the most promising candidates for building a quantum computer. We propose a protocol that uses long-range dipole-dipole interactions in these systems to quickly implement a generalized controlled-not (CNOT) quantum gate, in which
Created April 7, 2019, Updated May 18, 2024