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SHIP Presentations

2019 SHIP Presentations

2018 SHIP Presentations

2017 SHIP Presentations

2016 SHIP Presentations

2015 SHIP Presentations

2014 SHIP Student Presentations

2013 SHIP Student Presentations

2012 SHIP Student Presentations

  • Bayesian Uncertainty - Shomiron Ghose
  • Web Reduction for Reflectometry Data - David Chu
  • Niceweb: A Live Web Display of Instrument Status - Esther Wang
  • WebRefine: Calculating Neutron Structure Factors on the Web! - Priyanka Patel
  • Magnetic Properties of Defect Dicubane Lanthanide Clusters as Single Molecule Magnet Candidates - Jason Hyun
  • Optimizing Sputtering Parameters to Minimize the Roughness of Permalloy Thin Films - Tanya Shi
  • Modeling Shielding for a Short Baseline Neutrino Experiment - Anirudh Neti

2011 SHIP Student Posters and Presentations

2010 SHIP Student Presentations

  • Neutron Studies of Magnetism and Crystal Structure of Chromium Tellurides and Their Potential for Magnetic Refrigeration - Jonathan S. Schear
  • WRED: Data Fitting and Calculation in a Web-Based Environment - Ophir Lifshitz and Alex Yee

2009 SHIP Student Presentations


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