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Princeton Tour

Princeton Tour 2
Credit: Leland Harriger

Schedule: Nov. 3, 2023

11:45 - Instrument Tour Part A: Guide Hall (1 hr)

         Chaperones: Dan NeumannYun Liu

        7min/instrument + 3min/transit + 10min portal

        11:45 - Instrument: Cold Neutron Imaging (Presenter: Dan Hussey)

        11:55 - Instrument: vSANS (Presenter: Liz Kelly)

        12:05 - Instrument: Neutron Spin Echo (Presenter: Michi Nagao)

        12:15 - Instrument: Neutron Depth Profiling (Presenter: Jamie Weaver)

        12:25 - Instrument: CANDoR (Presenter: David Hoogerheide)

        Extra  - Device: Polarization Cells, if time permits or stand-in needed (Presenter: Wangchun Chen)

        12:35 - Radiation Portal

12:45 - Lunch (0.75hrs)

        Pizza Lunch in K04-A

        Talk: Demo Fourier & SANS (Speaker: Ryan Murphy) 45min

1:30 - Instrument Tour Part B: Confinement (45min)

        Tour Lead: Condensed Matter Physics Team Leader Jeff Lynn, Assist: Leland Harriger

        Jeff will tour a sampling of instruments (Triple Axis, Darts, MACS, Powder Diffractometer) and the reactor

2:15 - Sample Environment Tour (45min)

        Chaperones: Alan Ye, Leland Harriger

        2:15 - SE: Wet/Dry Magnets & DIL system (Presenter: Sergiy Gladchenko), Location: High Bay

        2:35 - SE: LIPSS (Presenter: Paul Butler), Location: NG-B 30m SANS

        2:45 - SE: CHRNS Stop-Flow (Presenter: Ryan Murphy), Location: NG-B 30m SANS

        Extra - Device:  Polarization Cells, if time permits or stand-in needed (Presenter: Wangchun Chen), Location: HOR REFL

3:00 - Talks in K04-A (2hrs)

        3:10 - Talk: Neutron Scattering and the Development of Alternative Cements (Speaker: Claire White) 40min

        3:50 - Talk: NCNR History and Science (Speaker: Jeff Lynn) 40min

4:30 - Leave