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NRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship

NIST's Postdoctoral Program supports a nationwide competitive postdoctoral program administered in cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences/National Research Council. The postdoctoral program supports U.S. post-doctoral research scientists and engineers of unusual promise and ability with a 2 year fellowship to perform advanced research related to the NIST mission, introduces the latest university research results and techniques to NIST scientific programs , strengthens mutual communication with university researchers, shares NIST unique research facilities with the U.S. scientific and engineering communities, and provides a valuable mechanism for technology transfer from NIST to the scientific and engineering communities.

For the most up-to-date information on salaries and availability, please visit the National Research Council Research Associateship Program, it’s specific pages on the NIST program, or contact Dan Neumann.


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Created September 24, 2019, Updated October 11, 2022