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Research Experience for Teachers (June-Aug)

The NIST Center for Neutron Research (NCNR) offers science high school teachers the opportunity to learn how scientists think and how they apply the scientific method in their research. Selected teachers will work side-by-side with a NCNR research scientist for six weeks on projects that combine research with direct applications tailored to developing, maintaining, advancing, and enabling the measurement system for the nation. Participation in this program is designed to encourage teachers to inspire their students to pursue careers in fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). A stipend will be provided. The RET program is sponsored by the NCNR and by the National Science Foundation under the Center for High Resolution Neutron Scattering (CHRNS) cooperative agreement DMR-1508249.

For more information contact yamali.hernandez [at] (Yamali Hernandez)


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Previous Talks and Presentations

Zachary Vaz and Susana Teixeira  in grassy area by tree

2023: Zachary Vaz, Bethesda Chevy Chase High School, "High-pressure Sample Environment and Spectroscopic Studies of Biomolecular Solutions"
Advisor: Susana Teixeira   




2019: Scott Hanna, Churchill High School, "Diffusion of quantum liquids in bulk and confinement: A neutron scattering investigation"
Advisor: Tim Prisk and Richard Azuah   










2019: Brennan Boothby,  Nora School, “Soft Nanocomposites from Triblock Copolymer Micelles”
Advisors: Antonio Faraone, Elizabeth Kelley










2018: Munna Chakrabarti,   Watkins Mill high School, "Therheological Properties On An Insulin Analogue Using Rheo-small Angle Neutron Scattering"
Advisor: Grethe Jensen










2018: Scott Hanna, Churchill High School, "Dyanamics of Liquid and Solid H2"
Advisor: Tim Prisk and Richard Azuah









20170718_071Benjamin Brooks and Susana

2017: Benjamin Brooks, Magruder High School , "Nutrition & Neutrons"
Advisor: : Susana Teixeira









20170718_064_John Pisanic

2017: John Pisanic, Damascus High School, “Shear induced structure in brine/surfactant/oil microemulsions"
Advisors: Katie Weigandt and Javen Weston









2016_0707_002_Damian and David

2016: Damian Kreske, Richard Montgomery High School, "The efficacy of a commercially available tether molecule in creating a self-assembling monolayer"
Advisor: David Hoogerheide and Frank Heinrich










2016: Marie G Paul, Wheaton High School, "Surfactant-Polymer Interactions"
Advisor: Kathleen Weigandt










2015_0729_024_Kevin and Boulem

2015: Kevin Martz, Richard Montgomery High School, "Neutron research and probing matter with cold neutrons OR Neutrons ignored no longer!"
Advisor: Boualem Hammouda









20140808_020_Richard Menedez

2014: Richard Menendez, Northwest High School, "Small Angle Neutron Scattering Study of Reversible Colloidal Aggregation in a Near Critical Binary Mixture"
Advisors: Christopher Bertrand and Yun Liu (not pictured)









2013: Michael Thompson, Wooton High School "Continued Investigations in Carbon-Based Thin Films for Fuel Cells and Batteries"
Advisor: Joe Dura
2012: Michael Thompson, Wooton High School "Investigations in Carbon-Based Thin Films for Fuel Cells and Batteries"
Advisor: Joe Dura






2011: Prasad Gerard, Poolesville High School "Molecular Dynamics Simulations as Applied to Biophysical Problems"
Advisors: Joseph Curtis and Susan Krueger



2010: Selin Mammen, Seneca Valley High School "Interfacial Structure of Nanoparticle Stabilized Pickering Emulsions"
Advisor: Andrew Jackson








Created September 24, 2019, Updated August 24, 2023