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Time and Frequency Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Elizabeth Donley Division Safety Representative elizabeth.donley [at] Fed
Elizabeth Donley Division Chief elizabeth.donley [at] Fed
Kelsey Rodriguez Division Secretary kelsey.rodriguez [at] Fed
Petrina Potts Administrative Assistant petrina.potts [at] Fed
Kelsey Light Administrative Assistant kelsey.light [at] Fed

Ion Storage Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John J. Bollinger Group Leader john.bollinger [at] Fed
Kelsey Rodriguez Group Office Manager kelsey.rodriguez [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Matthew Affolter matthew.affolter [at] Assoc
James C. Bergquist james.bergquist [at] Assoc
John J. Bollinger john.bollinger [at] Fed
Christina Bowers christina.bowers [at] Assoc
Adam Brandt adam.brandt [at] Fed
Samuel M. Brewer samuel.brewer [at] Assoc
Margaret Bruff margaret.bruff [at] Assoc
Bryce Bullock bryce.bullock [at] Assoc
Allison Carter allison.carter [at] Fed
Dalton Chaffee dalton.chaffee [at] Assoc
Chin-wen Chou chin-wen.chou [at] Fed
Alejandra Collopy alejandra.collopy [at] Fed
Mohamed Asad Arif Contractor mohamedasadarif.contractor [at] IntlAssoc
Kaitlyn David kaitlyn.david [at] Assoc
Zhexuan Gong zhexuan.gong [at] Assoc
Panyu Hou panyu.hou [at] IntlAssoc
David Hume david.hume [at] Fed
George Iskander george.iskander [at] Assoc
Wayne M. Itano wayne.itano [at] Assoc
Hannah Knaack hannah.knaack [at] Assoc
Dietrich Leibfried dietrich.leibfried [at] Fed
David Leibrandt david.leibrandt [at] Assoc
Heather Lewandowski Assoc
Jennifer Lilieholm jennifer.lilieholm [at] Assoc
Yu Liu yu.liu [at] Assoc
Zhimin Liu zhimin.liu [at] IntlAssoc
Nathan Lysne nathan.lysne [at] Assoc
Mason Marshall mason.marshall [at] Fed
Justin Niedermeyer justin.niedermeyer [at] Assoc
Sayan Patra sayan.patra [at] IntlAssoc
April Reisenfeld april.reisenfeld [at] Assoc
Daniel Rodriguez Castillo daniel.rodriguezcastillo [at] Assoc
Michael Shor michael.shor [at] Assoc
Daniel Slichter daniel.slichter [at] Fed
Laurent Stephenson laurent.stephenson [at] IntlAssoc
Jules Stuart jules.stuart [at] Fed
Jose Valencia jose.valencia [at] Assoc
David J. Wineland david.wineland [at] Assoc
Jenny Wu jenny.wu [at] IntlAssoc
Ingrid Zimmermann ingrid.zimmermann [at] Assoc

Time Realization and Distribution Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Michael A. Lombardi Group Leader michael.lombardi [at] Fed
Morgan Falls Group Office Manager morgan.falls [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Ladan Arissian ladan.arissian [at] Fed
Neil Ashby neil.ashby [at] Assoc
Roger Brown roger.brown [at] Fed
John Daly Ctr
Guilherme De Andrade Garcia guilherme.deandradegarcia [at] Assoc
Matthew J. Deutch matthew.deutch [at] Fed
Chris Fujita chris.fujita [at] Fed
Vladislav Gerginov vladislav.gerginov [at] Assoc
Tom Heavner tom.heavner [at] Fed
Gregory Hoth gregory.hoth [at] Fed
Michael A. Lombardi michael.lombardi [at] Fed
John P. Lowe john.lowe [at] Assoc
Lara Minichiello Assoc
Aidan Montare aidan.montare [at] Fed
Leroy Moy Ctr
Glenn Nelson glenn.nelson [at] Fed
Andrew Novick andrew.novick [at] Fed
Adela Mae Ochinang adele.ochinang [at] Fed
Dean Okayama dean.okayama [at] Fed
Tom Parker tom.parker [at] Assoc
Bijunath Patla bijunath.patla [at] Fed
Jeffrey Sherman jeff.sherman [at] Fed
James Spicer james.spicer [at] Fed
William Yates william.yates [at] Fed

Time and Frequency - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Elizabeth Donley elizabeth.donley [at] Fed
Morgan Falls morgan.falls [at] Fed
Archita Hati archita.hati [at] Fed
Judah Levine judah.levine [at] Fed
Angela Liefer angela.liefer [at] Fed
Kelsey Light kelsey.light [at] Fed
Petrina Potts petrina.potts [at] Fed
Kelsey Rodriguez kelsey.rodriguez [at] Fed
Katy Stephenson kathryn.stephenson [at] Fed

Optical Frequency Measurements Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Andrew Ludlow Group Leader (Acting) andrew.ludlow [at] Fed
Angela Liefer Group Office Manager angela.liefer [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Kyle Beloy kyle.beloy [at] Fed
Jennifer Black [at] Fed
Tobias Bothwell tobias.bothwell [at] Fed
Wesley Brand wesley.brand [at] Assoc
Travis Briles travis.briles [at] Fed
Grant Brodnik grant.brodnik [at] Assoc
David Carlson david.carlson [at] Assoc
Alexa Carollo alexa.carollo [at] Assoc
Kristina Chang kristina.chang [at] Fed
Peter Chang peter.chang [at] Assoc
Chun-Chia Chen chunchia.chen [at] IntlAssoc
Ryan Cole ryan.cole [at] Fed
Scott Diddams scott.diddams [at] Assoc
Scott Egbert scott.egbert [at] Assoc
James Erikson james.erikson [at] Assoc
Andrew Ferdinand andrew.ferdinand [at] Assoc
Tara Fortier tara.fortier [at] Fed
Richard Fox [at] Fed
Connor Fredrick connor.fredrick [at] Assoc
Kurt Gibble kurt.gibble [at] Assoc
Tanner Grogan tanner.grogan [at] Assoc
William Groman william.groman [at] Assoc
Youssef Hassan youssef.hassan [at] IntlAssoc
Matthew Heyrich matthew.heyrich [at] Assoc
Nazanin Hoghooghi nazanin.hoghooghi [at] Assoc
Benjamin Hunt benjamin.hunt [at] Assoc
Sindhu Jammi sindhu.jammi [at] IntlAssoc
Qingxin Ji qingxin.jin [at] IntlAssoc
Yan Jin yan.jin [at] IntlAssoc
Megan Kelleher megan.kelleher [at] Assoc
Lauren Kennedy lauren.kennedy [at] Assoc
Igor Kudelin igor.kudelin [at] IntlAssoc
Dahyeon Lee dahyeon.lee [at] IntlAssoc
Daniel Lesko daniel.lesko [at] Assoc
Alexander Lind alexander.lind [at] Assoc
Haixin Liu haixin.liu [at] IntlAssoc
Yifan Liu yifan.liu [at] IntlAssoc
Andrew Ludlow andrew.ludlow [at] Fed
Zheng Luo zheng.luo [at] IntlAssoc
Vasilisa Malenkiy Assoc
Charles McLemore charles.mclemore [at] Assoc
Aria Mundy aria.mundy [at] Assoc
Takuma Nakamura takuma.nakamura [at] IntlAssoc
Nicholas Nardelli nicholas.nardelli [at] Assoc
Zachary Newman zachary.newman [at] Assoc
Scott Papp scott.papp [at] Fed
Franklyn Quinlan franklyn.quinlan [at] Fed
Tristan Carlo Rojo tristancarlo.rojo [at] Assoc
Pooja Sekhar pooja.sekhar [at] IntlAssoc
Jacob Siegel jacob.siegel [at] Assoc
Gregory Spektor gregory.spektor [at] IntlAssoc
Eugene Tsao eugene.tsao [at] Assoc
Tsung Han Wu tsunghan.wu [at] Assoc
Jizhao Zang jizhao.zang [at] IntlAssoc
Laura Zhou laura.zhou [at] Assoc

Atomic Devices & Instrumentation Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John Kitching Group Leader john.kitching [at] Fed
Morgan Falls Group Office Manager morgan.falls [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
Yorick Andeweg yorick.andeweg [at] Assoc
Andrew Attar andrew.attar [at] Assoc
Douglas Bopp douglas.bopp [at] Assoc
Isaac Fan [at] IntlAssoc
Matthew Hummon matthew.hummon [at] Fed
Joseph Junca joseph.junca [at] IntlAssoc
John Kitching john.kitching [at] Fed
Yang Li [at] IntlAssoc
Gabriela Martinez gabriela.martinez [at] Assoc
William McGehee william.mcgehee [at] Fed
Tin Nghia Nguyen tinnghia.nguyen [at] IntlAssoc
Safra Niyaz fathima.niyaz [at] IntlAssoc
Nate Phillips nathaniel.b.phillips [at] Assoc
Samuel Porter samuel.porter [at] Assoc
Peter Riley peter.riley [at] Assoc
Thomas Schibli thomas.schibli [at] Assoc
Susan Schima susan.schima [at] Fed
Alexander Staron alexander.staron [at] Assoc
Ying-Ju Wang [at] Fed
Konrad Ziegler konrad.ziegler [at] Assoc

Time and Frequency Metrology Group

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Craig Nelson Group Leader craig.nelson [at] Fed
Angela Liefer Group Office Manager angela.liefer [at] Fed

Name Email Staff type
David A. Howe david.howe [at] Assoc
Craig Nelson craig.nelson [at] Fed
Marco Pomponio marco.pomponio [at] IntlAssoc
Benjamin Walker benjamin.walker [at] Fed