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Atomic Devices & Instrumentation Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
John Kitching Group Leader john.kitching [at] Fed
Morgan Falls Group Office Manager morgan.falls [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Yorick Andeweg yorick.andeweg [at] Assoc
Douglas Bopp douglas.bopp [at] Assoc
Lingyun Chai lingyun.chai [at] IntlAssoc
Mario Alberto Gonzalez Maldonado marioalberto.gonzalezmaldonado [at] IntlAssoc
Matthew Hummon matthew.hummon [at] Fed
Joseph Junca joseph.junca [at] IntlAssoc
Megan Kelleher megan.kelleher [at] Assoc
John Kitching john.kitching [at] Fed
Yang Li [at] IntlAssoc
Gabriela Martinez gabriela.martinez [at] Assoc
William McGehee william.mcgehee [at] Fed
Peter Riley peter.riley [at] Assoc
Susan Schima susan.schima [at] Fed
Marlou Slot marlou.slot [at] IntlAssoc
Alexander Staron alexander.staron [at] Assoc
Ying-Ju Wang [at] Fed