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Quantum & Nonlinear Nanophotonics Group

Performs long-term basic research on microresonator frequency-combs; models, designs, fabricates, and tests integrated nonlinear photonics platforms for frequency control and synthesis; designs, fabricates, and tests integrated photonics circuits components for compact atomic clock and sensors as well as advanced microelectronics applications.

The Quantum & Nonlinear Nanophotonics group is developing advanced packaging techniques to combine photonics and electronics in support of continued scaling in digital systems. Research focuses on generation of frequency-comb lasers with integrated photonics for emerging high-speed data communication, advanced computing architectures, and signal generation across the entire microwave, millimeter wave, and terahertz bands. Combining photonics and electronics leverages the immense scalability of digital computing with the extreme bandwidth and coherence of optical signals. Energy consumption is a key performance driver in scaling data center interconnects, distributed computing architectures, and high-performance computing applications like AI. The team’s research on efficiency and system integration in multi-wavelength microresonator frequency comb laser processed on semiconductor wafers opens new opportunities for extreme information capacity.

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