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Neutral Atom Optical Clocks Group

The Neutral Atom Optical Clocks Group Performs research on neutral-atom optical frequency standards for future primary frequency standards, for the calibration of International Atomic Time, and for probing fundamental physical theories through precision optical frequency measurements.

Neutral Atom Optical Clocks group

Neutral Atom Optical Clocks Group

Our group researches the fundamental limits of optical atomic clocks based on neutral atoms, as well as their application to quantum sensing, fundamental physics, and precision measurement. This includes the development of ultra-stable laser sources for highly coherent atom-laser interactions. We also research optical frequency combs and their application to ultra-low-noise signal generation across the electromagnetic spectrum, molecular spectroscopy, chip-scale sensors, astronomical searches for exo-planets, optical waveform generation, and more. Please see below for a more complete list of research projects and activity in our group. We have ongoing research opportunities for students and postdocs. For more information, see the contact information below.

News and Updates

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