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Time and Frequency Division Groups

Atomic Devices and Instrumentation Group

Designs, builds, and characterizes innovative miniature instruments and sensors using precision atomic spectroscopy, advanced semiconductor lasers and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS).

Ion Storage Group

The Ion Storage Group conducts experiments on atomic and molecular ions that are confined in vacuum in electromagnetic traps. We cool and manipulate the ions with lasers and electric or magnetic fields for applications in quantum information science and precision measurement.

Neutral Atom Optical Clocks Group

The Neutral Atom Optical Clocks Group Performs research on neutral-atom optical frequency standards for future primary frequency standards, for the calibration of International Atomic Time, and for probing fundamental physical theories through precision optical frequency measurements.

Phase Noise Metrology Group

NIST's Phase Noise Metrology Group has the world's most advanced measurement and calibration facilities for characterizing noise components in oscillators and frequency synthesizers. It engages in many activities to determine the cause of various kinds of noise for the purpose of isolating and

Precision Photonic Synthesis Group

The Precision Photonic Synthesis Group conducts cutting-edge research and development of femtosecond laser frequency combs and frequency-stable lasers, allowing for extremely accurate measurements of optical frequencies, coherent frequency synthesis from the optical to the rf, microwave, and

Quantum & Nonlinear Nanophotonics Group

Performs long-term basic research on microresonator frequency-combs; models, designs, fabricates, and tests integrated nonlinear photonics platforms for frequency control and synthesis; designs, fabricates, and tests integrated photonics circuits components for compact atomic clock and sensors as

Time Realization and Distribution Group

The Time Realization and Distribution group distributes standard time and frequency signals generated by the Coordinated Universal Time scale, UTC(NIST), maintained at the NIST laboratories in Boulder, Colorado. UTC(NIST) is the U. S. national standard for time-of-day, time interval, and frequency.