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Andrew C. Wilson


I am a staff physicist in the Ion Storage Group at NIST Boulder.  My research focuses on quantum-information experiments with trapped atomic ions.  High-fidelity coherent control of ions is used to explore applications of quantum entanglement including quantum logic and computing, quantum simulation, and quantum-enhanced precision measurement.  A major emphasis of my research is the development of techniques and tools that will be needed in large-scale, fault-tolerant, quantum-information processors.  Before working with trapped ions at NIST, my research focused on Bose-Einstein condensates, quantum degenerate Fermi gases, and precision laser spectroscopy of neutral atoms and molecules.

Within the Ion Storage Group, I work closely with Staff Physicists Dietrich Leibfried and Daniel Slichter, and a large team of postdocs and graduate students.  If you are interested in joining our research team, please contact me.


NIST Bronze Medal, 2018

NIST Distinguished Associate, 2013

JILA Visiting Fellow, 2004


Quantum Logic Spectroscopy with Ions in Thermal Motion

Daniel Kienzler, Yong Wan, Stephen D. Erickson, Jenny J. Wu, Andrew C. Wilson, David J. Wineland, Dietrich G. Leibfried
A mixed-species geometric phase gate has been proposed for implementing quantum logic spectroscopy on trapped ions, which combines probe and information

Quantum-enhanced sensing of a mechanical oscillator

Katherine C. McCormick, Jonas Keller, Shaun C. Burd, David J. Wineland, Andrew C. Wilson, Dietrich G. Leibfried
The use of special quantum states in interferometry with bosons to achieve sensitivities below the limits established by classical-like coherent dates back

Quantum amplification of motion of a mechanical oscillator

Shaun C. Burd, Raghavendra Srinivas, John J. Bollinger, Andrew C. Wilson, David J. Wineland, Dietrich G. Leibfried, Daniel H. Slichter, David T. Allcock
Detection of the weakest forces in nature and the search for new physics demand increasingly sensitive measurements of the motion of mechanical oscillators

Quantum gate teleportation between separated zones of a trapped-ion processor

Yong Wan, Daniel Kienzler, Stephen D. Erickson, Karl H. Mayer, Ting R. Tan, Jenny J. Wu, Hilma H. Macedo De Vasconcelos, Scott C. Glancy, Emanuel H. Knill, David J. Wineland, Andrew C. Wilson, Dietrich G. Leibfried
Large-scale quantum computers will inevitably require quantum gate operations between widely separated qubits, even within a single quantum information
Created October 9, 2019, Updated March 2, 2020