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Time Realization and Distribution Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Jeffrey Sherman Group Leader jeff.sherman [at] Fed
Adela Mae Ochinang Group Office Manager adele.ochinang [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Neil Ashby neil.ashby [at] Assoc
Alejandra Collopy alejandra.collopy [at] Fed
Guilherme De Andrade Garcia guilherme.deandradegarcia [at] Assoc
Matthew J. Deutch matthew.deutch [at] Fed
Chris Fujita chris.fujita [at] Fed
Vladislav Gerginov vladislav.gerginov [at] Fed
Tom Heavner tom.heavner [at] Fed
Gregory Hoth gregory.hoth [at] Fed
Steven Johnston steven.johnston [at] Fed
Michael A. Lombardi michael.lombardi [at] Assoc
John P. Lowe john.lowe [at] Assoc
Lara Minichiello Assoc
Aidan Montare aidan.montare [at] Fed
Leroy Moy Ctr
Anectus Ndunguru anectus.ndunguru [at] IntlAssoc
Glenn Nelson glenn.nelson [at] Fed
Andrew Novick andrew.novick [at] Fed
Adela Mae Ochinang adele.ochinang [at] Fed
Tom Parker tom.parker [at] Assoc
Bijunath Patla bijunath.patla [at] Fed
Jeffrey Sherman jeff.sherman [at] Fed
James Spicer james.spicer [at] Fed
Conor Wellman conor.wellman [at] Assoc
William Yates william.yates [at] Fed