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Chin-wen Chou


Trapped-ion optical atomic clocks at the quantum limits

David R. Leibrandt, Samuel M. Brewer, Jwo-Sy Chen, Aaron M. Hankin, David B. Hume, David J. Wineland, Chin-Wen Chou
Frequency and its inverse, time, are the most accurately measured quantities. Historically, improvements in the accuracy of clocks have enabled advances in

Sub-femtosecond absolute timing jitter with a 10 GHz hybrid photonic-microwave oscillator

Tara M. Fortier, Craig W. Nelson, Archita Hati, Franklyn J. Quinlan, Jennifer A. Taylor, Haifeng (. Jiang, Chin-Wen Chou, Till P. Rosenband, Nathan D. Lemke, Andrew D. Ludlow, David A. Howe, Christopher W. Oates, Scott A. Diddams
We present an optical-electronic approach to generating microwave signals with high spectral purity. By overcoming shot noise and operating near fundamental
Created May 7, 2019