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Chin-wen Chou (Fed)

Chin-wen (James) Chou is a staff scientist in the Ion Storage Group at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and Lecturer at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Throughout his career, he has worked in the fields of quantum information and precision measurements including atomic ensemble-based quantum communication, neutral atom quantum registers, and Al+ ion optical clocks. He is currently working on advancing both fronts for molecular ions, using the tools developed in quantum information for precision measurements and vice versa. He received his Ph.D. in physics from the California Institute of Technology in 2006. After his postdoctoral studies at NIST and a staff position at Sandia National Laboratories, he re-joined the Ion Storage Group in the Time and Frequency Division of NIST, Boulder in 2013.


Quantum entanglement between an atom and a molecule

Yiheng Lin, David Leibrandt, Dietrich Leibfried, Chin-wen Chou
Expanding quantum control to a broad range of physical systems paves the way for advances in various aspects of science and technology, such as stringent tests

Frequency-comb spectroscopy on pure quantum states of a single molecular ion

Chin-wen Chou, Alejandra L. Collopy, Christoph Kurz, Yiheng Lin, Michael E. Harding, Philipp N. Plessow, Tara M. Fortier, Scott A. Diddams, Dietrich G. Leibfried, David R. Leibrandt
Spectroscopy is a powerful tool for studying molecular properties and is commonly performed on large thermal ensembles of molecules that are perturbed by
Created May 7, 2019, Updated April 28, 2023