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Neutral Atom Optical Clocks Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Andrew Ludlow Group Leader (Acting) andrew.ludlow [at] Fed
Angela Liefer Group Office Manager angela.liefer [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Kyle Beloy kyle.beloy [at] Fed
Tobias Bothwell tobias.bothwell [at] Fed
Wesley Brand wesley.brand [at] Assoc
Roger Brown roger.brown [at] Fed
Mario Duenas mario.duenas [at] Assoc
Nichelle Gilbert nichelle.gilbert [at] Assoc
Tanner Grogan tanner.grogan [at] Assoc
Adam Halaoui adam.halaoui [at] Assoc
Youssef Hassan youssef.hassan [at] IntlAssoc
Benjamin Hunt benjamin.hunt [at] Assoc
Takumi Kobayashi takumi.kobayashi [at] IntlAssoc
Andrew Ludlow andrew.ludlow [at] Fed
Tristan Carlo Rojo tristancarlo.rojo [at] Assoc
Jacob Siegel jacob.siegel [at] Assoc
Eric Swiler eric.swiler [at] Assoc
Jizhao Zang jizhao.zang [at] IntlAssoc