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Zachary Newman (Assoc)


Universal visible emitters in nanoscale integrated photonics

Gregory Spektor, David Carlson, Zachary Newman, Jinhie Lee Skarda, Neil Sapra, Logan Su, Sindhu Jammi, Andrew Ferdinand, Amit Agrawal, Jelena Vuckovic, Scott Papp
Visible wavelength lasers control quantum matter of atoms and molecules, enable frontiers of physical sensing, and are foundational for various applications

Nonlinear Networks for Arbitrary Optical Synthesis

Jennifer Black, Zachary Newman, Su-Peng Yu, David Carlson, Scott Papp
Nonlinear wavelength conversion is a powerful control of light, especially when implemented at the nanoscale with integrated photonics. However, strict energy

High-performance, compact optical standard

Zachary Newman, Vincent N. Maurice, Tara Fortier, Connor Fredrick, Scott Diddams, John Kitching, Matthew Hummon
We describe a high-performance, compact optical frequency standard based on a microfabricated Rb vapor cell and a low-noise, external cavity diode laser operati
Created September 18, 2019, Updated December 8, 2022