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Precision Photonic Synthesis Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Franklyn Quinlan Group Leader franklyn.quinlan [at] Fed
Angela Liefer Group Office Manager angela.liefer [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Kristina Chang kristina.chang [at] Fed
Scott Diddams scott.diddams [at] Assoc
Tara Fortier tara.fortier [at] Fed
Connor Fredrick connor.fredrick [at] Assoc
William Groman william.groman [at] Assoc
Matthew Heyrich matthew.heyrich [at] Assoc
Nazanin Hoghooghi nazanin.hoghooghi [at] Fed
Zimeng Hu [at] IntlAssoc
Qingxin Ji qingxin.jin [at] IntlAssoc
Kyungtae Kim [at] IntlAssoc
Igor Kudelin igor.kudelin [at] IntlAssoc
Alexander Lind alexander.lind [at] Assoc
Yifan Liu yifan.liu [at] IntlAssoc
Yuchen Lou yuchen.lou [at] IntlAssoc
Carter Mashburn carter.mashburn [at] Assoc
Charles McLemore charles.mclemore [at] Assoc
Takuma Nakamura takuma.nakamura [at] IntlAssoc
Nicholas Nardelli nicholas.nardelli [at] Fed
Franklyn Quinlan franklyn.quinlan [at] Fed
Pooja Sekhar pooja.sekhar [at] IntlAssoc
Eugene Tsao eugene.tsao [at] Assoc
Tsung-Han Wu tsunghan.wu [at] Assoc