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Allison Carter (Fed)


Allison Carter is a staff scientist in the Ion Storage Group working on quantum sensing and simulations with large crystals of ions in a Penning trap. She is interested in the use of trapped ions as a quantum information platform and in developing techniques for improving quantum information processing with trapped ions. Before joining NIST, she worked on developing a trapped ion quantum network, with a focus on improving the efficiency of the photonic connections used for establishing entanglement between ions in separate traps. She earned her PhD on this research from the University of Maryland in 2021.


Bilayer crystals of trapped ions for quantum information processing

Samarth Hawalder, Prakriti Shahi, Allison Carter, Ana Maria Rey, John J. Bollinger, Athreya Shankar
Trapped ion systems are a leading platform for quantum information processing, but they are currently limited to 1D and 2D arrays, which imposes restrictions on
Created September 1, 2021, Updated August 17, 2023