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NCWM 2010 Annual Report - SP1115

Committee Reports for the 95th Annual Meeting (SP 1115)

July 11 - 15, 2010
St. Paul, Minnesota

Document Content

  • Full Document (SP 1115) PDF
  • Front Cover PDF
  • Title Page / Abstract DOC | PDF
  • Table of Contents DOC | PDF
  • Past Chairmen of the Conference DOC | PDF
  • Organization Chart DOC | PDF
  • General Session DOC | PDF
    • President's Address
    • Chairman's Address
    • New Chairman's Address
    • Honor Award Recipients

Standing Committee Reports

  • Report of the Board of Directors (BOD) DOC | PDF
    • Appendix A: Report on the Activities of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) and Regional Legal Metrology
    • Appendix B: Final Report of the NCWM Associate Membership Committee (AMC)
  • Report of the Committee on Laws and Regulations (L&R) DOC | PDF
    • Appendix A: Pelletized Ice Cream DOC | PDF
    • Appendix B: Hydrogen Fuel Method of Sale DOC (Part 1| Part 2) | PDF
    • Appendix C: Packaged Ink and Toner Cartridges DOC | PDF
    • Appendix D: Animal Bedding DOC | PDF
    • Appendix E: Handbook 130, Engine Fuels and Automotive Lubricants Regulation Section 3.15. Biodiesel and Biodiesel Blends DOC | PDF
    • Appendix F: Table of Proposed Amendments and Editorial Changes for Handbook 133, Checking the Net Contents of Packaged Goods, Fourth Edition DOC | PDF
    • Appendix G: Draft of Handbook 133, Checking the Net Contents of Packaged Goods, Fourth Edition with Proposed Amendments and Editorial Changes DOC | PDF
    • Appendix H: Agricultural Seed Count Rule DOC | PDF
    • Appendix I: Polyethylene Sheeting DOC | PDF
    • Appendix J: Amerigrow Mulch Proposal and Documentation DOC | PDF
    • Appendix K: National Pasta Association (NPA) Proposal to Establish a Moisture Allowance for Pasta Products DOC | PDF
  • Report of the Committee on Specifications and Tolerances (S&T) DOC | PDF
    • Appendix A: Attachments
    • Appendix B: Item 360-1: Section 3.39. Hydrogen Gas-Measuring Devices - Tentative Code
    • Appendix C: Item 360-3: Developing Items
      • Part 3.30., Liquid-Measuring Devices, Item 1: Price Posting and Computing Capability and Requirements
      • Part 3.31., Vehicle-Tank Meters, Item 1: T.4. Product Depletion Test
      • Part 4.42., Farm Milk Tanks, Item 1: N.5.1. Verification of Master Metering Systems
  • Report of the Professional Development Committee (PDC) DOC | PDF
    • Appendix A: NCWM National Certification Program, NCWM Curriculum Work Plan - January 2010
    • Appendix B: NCWM National Training Program, Certification Discipline for Retail Motor Fuel Devices (RMFD) Beta Exam - February 2010
    • Appendix C: NCWM National Training Program, Instructions for On-Line Certification Examination - Beta Exam
  • Report of the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) Committee PDF
    • Appendix A: NTETC Grain Analyzer Sector Meeting Summary DOC | PDF
    • Appendix B: NTETC Measuring Sector Meeting Summary DOC | PDF
    • Appendix C: NTETC Weighing Sector Meeting Summary DOC | PDF
    • Appendix D: NTETC Software Sector Meeting Summary DOC | PDF
    • Appendix E: NTETC Belt-Conveyor Scale Sector Meeting Summary DOC | PDF
    • Appendix F: Industry for a Better NTEP (IBN) Presentation DOC | PDF
    • Appendix G: Industry Letters: Verified Conformity Assessment Program (VCAP) DOC | PDF
    • Appendix H: NTEP Initial Verification Report Form DOC | PDF
  • Nominating Committee Report DOC | PDF
  • 2010 Annual Meeting Attendees DOC | PDF
  • Past Annual Reports
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