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e-Learning Resources and Training Materials

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Training Video Collection

Publication DateVideo Title (and Link)Topic AreaKeywords

Overview of NIST Handbook 133 “Checking the Net Contents of Packaged Goods”

After this webinar, participants will be able to: IDENTIFY and DESCRIBE NIST Handbook 133 basic requirements for checking the net content of packaged goods, and RECOGNIZE the various gravimetric and volumetric test procedures, as well as test procedures for packages labeled by count, linear measure, area, and thickness. Duration: 2 hours

PACKAGING AND LABELINGNIST Handbook 133, net content, net quantity, package inspection, test equipment, maximum allowable variation (MAV), moisture allowance

Examination Procedure for Price Verification

This 2-hour webinar will provide inspectors with an understanding and knowledge of the NIST Handbook 130 Examination Procedure Outline (EPO) on Price Verification. Duration: 2 hours

PACKAGING AND LABELINGNIST Handbook 130, price verification, randomized sampling, stratified sampling, accuracy requirements, test procedures, overcharges, undercharges

FAQ on Package Requirements

David Sefcik discusses the basics around The NIST Individual Package Requirement according to NIST Handbook 133.  Duration: 3 minutes

PACKAGING AND LABELINGNIST Handbook 133, tolerances, net quantity, variations, average requirements, individual package requirements, maximum allowable variation (MAV)

NIST Metric Kitchen - Brownies

Join Angie Tehrani in the NIST Metric Kitchen and follow her along as she bakes some amazing brownies using the metric system. Duration: 5 minutes

METRICmetrication, SI, metric system, K-12 educators, NIST SP 1290 NIST Metric Recipes

NIST Metric Kitchen - Chocolate Chip Cookies

Step into the NIST Metric Kitchen with Lloyd Bekele. Follow along as she bakes a delicious batch of metric chocolate chip cookies. Duration: 5 minutes

METRICmetrication, SI, metric system, K-12 educators, NIST SP 1290 NIST Metric Recipes

NIST Metric Kitchen - Baking Banana Bread

Welcome to the NIST Metric Kitchen! Join Tanna Nguyen as she demonstrates how to prepare a delicious loaf of banana bread. Duration: 5 minutes

METRICmetrication, SI, metric system, K-12 educators, NIST SP 1290 NIST Metric Recipes

Mulch and Soils Labeled by Volume

This on-demand webinar describes how to test packages of mulch and soil labeled by volume. It contains individual learning modules, including video demonstrations. Duration: 1.5 hours

Enter password “NIST_2020” for access. No registration is required.

  • Introduction and Demonstration of the Test Procedure for Mulch and Soils (11:26) 
  • Method of Sale –NIST Handbook 130, Method of Sale (4:07) 
  • Labeling Requirements –NIST Handbook 130, UPLR (24:14) 
  • Test Equipment – NIST Handbook 133, Section 3.10. Mulch and Soils Labeled by Volume (10:10) 
  • Test Procedure – NIST Handbook 133, Section 3.10. Mulch and Soils Labeled by Volume (29:30)
  • Evaluation of Test Results – NIST Handbook 133, Section 3.10. Mulch and Soils Labeled by Volume (5:37) 
PACKAGING AND LABELINGmethod of sale, test procedures, mulch and soil council, checking net contents, labeling requirements, NIST Handbook 133 

Get What You Pay For: Tare

Did you know you can't be charged for the packaging of products sold by weight? Learn why it's important that grocery stores not charge for this material - or tare. Duration: 2.5 minutes

DEVICESweight, tare, packaging material, produce bags, NIST Handbook 44

Get What You Pay For: Seafood

Did you know you can't be charged for the weight of any ice glaze that may be on your seafood? Find out how weights and measures inspectors make sure you're getting what you pay for at the seafood counter! Duration: 2.5 minutes

PACKAGING AND LABELINGshrimp, weight of ice glaze, test procedure, net weight, NIST Handbook 133

Get What You Pay For: At the Grocery Store

Tina Butcher explains how weights and measures inspectors calibrate scales at the grocery store. Duration: 2.5 minutes

DEVICEStare, deli scales, test weights, inspection stickers, NIST Handbook 44

Retail Motor-Fuel Dispenser

Video demonstrations of the minimum tests of a retail motor-fuel dispenser (gasoline pump) in accordance with NIST Handbook 44 and NIST Examination Procedure Outlines. Duration: 14 minutes

DEVICESgasoline pump, RMFD, wetting the standard, leveling, reading the meniscus, selecting and maintaining the test standard, normal and slow flow test, draining a test prover, anti-drain test, NIST Handbook 44

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Training Presentations at Regional WMA Meetings

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NLMP Info Hours

Recordings of each NLMP Info Hours event will be uploaded approximately 1 week after the event has concluded.

  • “DIGITALIZATION” of NIST HANDBOOKS 44, 130 and 133 (August 01, 2024)

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NIST Handbook 44 Self-Study Course

This NIST Handbook 44 course covers the history, organization, and intended use of NIST Handbook 44 (based on the 2009 edition). It also provides instruction on NIST Handbook 44 terminology; how to locate specific paragraphs; use of the NCWM final reports to understand the application of specific sections; and use of requirements in conjunction with the NIST Examination Procedure Outlines.

This course is designed for use as a self-study activity to work on your own and without an instructor.  However, the course can also be used for group activities and discussion.  While this course is particularly relevant for newer inspectors, it is also valuable for more experienced inspectors to enhance their understanding and use of the NIST Handbook 44. 

  • Cover and Table of Contents DOC
  • Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Course DOC
  • Chapter 2 - Background DOC
  • Chapter 3 – Organization and Format of NIST Handbook 44 DOC
  • Chapter 4 - How to Use NIST Handbook 44 DOC
  • Chapter 5 - Basic Principles Underlying NIST Handbook 44 DOC

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Study Guides for Inspection and Testing

OWM “Study Guides” are designed for use by weights and measures officials and service personnel to enhance and strengthen their knowledge of specific areas of legal metrology inspection and testing and to assist individuals in their professional development. They are also intended for use with NIST Handbooks 44, 130, and 133 and to supplement more comprehensive training and development opportunities.

Included in each study guide are the following:

  • An overview of resources available on the OWM website, including self-study course material; videos; and newsletter articles and guidance documents on legal metrology issues.
  • Suggestions for how each of these resources might be used for either independent, individual study or by groups of inspectors/service personnel led by an instructor or supervisor.
  • Information on other training opportunities, including both on-line training and in-person instructor-led training and other resources for professional development.

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Examination Procedure Outlines (EPOs)

OWM Examination Procedure Outlines (EPOs) are designed to serve as a guide for the field examination of commercial weight and measuring devices. They include inspection and test procedures, with code references to NIST Handbook 44, “Specifications, Tolerances, and Other Technical Requirements for Weighing and Measuring Devices.” 

The EPOs posted here are based on the 2015 edition of NIST Handbook 44. Older EPO versions based on the 2002 edition of NIST Handbook 44 were also published in NIST Handbook 112, "Examination Procedure Outlines (EPOs) for Commercial Weighing and Measuring Devices". If you employ any of these EPOs as a guide for field examinations, please conduct a cross-check to the current version of NIST Handbook 44 for your intended use and application.

OWM is currently working on updating these EPOs to align with the upcoming version of NIST Handbook 44 including a revision of the NIST Handbook 112. Furthermore, several new EPOs are under development and will be made available via the EPO webpage and in the new edition of NIST Handbook 112 (anticipated in 2024): 

  • Gaseous Hydrogen Dispensers  
  • Electric Vehicle Fueling Systems 
  • Grain Moisture Meters 
  • Transportation Network Measuring Systems

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Created August 9, 2011, Updated June 14, 2024